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New Lincoln Inventory Remains At Double National Average

As Ford Authority reported last month, new Lincoln inventory levels have bucked the industry average by a large margin for some time now, most recently closing out the third quarter with inventory levels that were more than double the national average of 71 days’ supply. At the same time, Lincoln sales have been on a downward trend as well, dropping by two percent in 2023, though they did increase by nearly nine percent in Q4 to close out the year. We’re starting to see incentives make a return on some models to counteract this trend – with deals available for the Lincoln Navigator and the Lincoln Aviator – but none of this has made much of an impact on inventory, according to new data from Cox Automotive.

December 2023 Days' Supply Of Inventory By Automotive Brand Cox Automotive

At the end of December, Lincoln ranked as one of four automotive brands with at least double the inventory versus the overall industry average – along with Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge. This means that new Lincoln inventory currently stands at a minimum of 140 days’ supply, given the fact that the overall industry average came in at 70 days’ as of the end of the 2023 calendar year. Even more alarming is the fact that one of Lincoln’s rivals – Lexus – had just a 41 days’ supply to close out the year.

Meanwhile, overall new vehicle inventory declined slightly in December as sales increased, going from a 73 days’ supply to the aforementioned 70. The total U.S. supply of available unsold new vehicles ended the year at 2.66 million units, which is around 50 percent higher than a year ago and more than the 2.56 million vehicles at the start of the month. However, through the middle of the month, supply rose to 2.73 million units.

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  1. Jim Kelly

    You won’t get a WOW from me until you bring back a SEDAN !

    1. louie rahhal

      you are so right

  2. Jerry Mcfall

    I am a 2006 Lincoln town car man, plain and simple, buttons and knobs, don’t need no big screen TV to distract my driving! Best sedan ever built service it regular and and it will last for ever.

    1. David Morin

      Correct. Drove LTC for all the years they were made. Never had a major problem with any of them. Drove one for 220k! Miss those cars dearly!

  3. MSinclair

    Agree with other commenters. Hanging on to my 2017 Continental until it dies or I do.

    Beyond that, Lincoln’s SUVs have a identity crises. No one bills better interiors than Lincoln. But the exterior of these vehicles are beginning to look dated.

    Lincoln really nailed the front end of the MKZ, then for some inexplicable reason chose not to update the interior of the car or, worse, the rear end of the car. With the front end of the MKZ with the current Lincoln grill is unparalleled, a real work of art.

    They watered that look down for the continental, and watered it down even farther for their SUVs. I don’t get it.

    Also the Continentals plain Jane body lines are also a mystery for me. The more contemporary look are the creased body lines of Lexus or even Ford’s own mustang. And the front end of most SUVs these days trend toward GMs vertical headlamps and narrow running lights.

  4. Lyle Dunn

    A car company that doesn’t build cars for the US market, lol. How this short sighted decision actually happened at Ford is beyond my comprehension. The Fusion should have remained, and a town car or marquis variant should have been reintroduced. Profit margins not high enough I guess, although Toyota and Honda have no problem selling hundreds of thousands of theirs every year. If the Fusion would have remained, that would have opened up Louisville for the Maverick and Bronco sport since the Escape is apparently going away anyway with no upcoming product for Louisville. Ford…please bring the Mondeo to the US market.


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