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Next Gen Ford F-150 Lightning Better Than Cybertruck: Farley

Though the CEOs of Ford and Tesla – Jim Farley and Elon Musk – have been quick to congratulate each other’s successes in the past, at the same time, the two automotive executives remain engaged in a salesroom battle as well. This is particular true of the young but burgeoning EV pickup market, where the Ford F-150 Lightning beat the Tesla Cybertruck to market, though The Blue Oval is already working on a second-generation version of its all-electric hauler. Thus far, we don’t know a whole lot about the next-gen Ford F-150 Lightning, but Farley did note that he believes it will prove superior to the Cybertruck when it arrives in the coming years, as he recently touched on while speaking during the automaker’s Q3 earnings call with investors.

Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat Switzerland - Exterior 004 - Rear

“I have been spending a ton of time in our product development center with both Doug Field and Alan Clark,” Farley said. “And you should see the Gen 2 and Gen 3 EVs we’re working on. Our Gen 2, all-new full-size pickup truck, for example, is one of the most thrilling vehicles I have ever seen in my career. Let me be specific. Stunning performance, like no truck has ever performed, ability, unexpected innovation for truck customers far beyond the normal truck attributes; a super flexible cabin that feels like a lounge or a tiny office. Take the wheels off of this truck, and it’s still a mind-blowing product. And a digital experience that totally is immersive and personalized. I’d take this truck seven days of the week over a Cybertruck.”

Last year, Ford made its next-gen all-electric pickup – currently known as “Project T3” (for Trust The Truck) – official, which is slated to be built at the under-construction BlueOval City complex in Tennessee starting in 2025, as well as the Rogue Electric Vehicle Center in Michigan, where the current version is built. Farley previously likened Project T3 to the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars franchise, too.

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Flash - Exterior 002 - Side

As for all of its second-generation EVs, Farley has previously said that those forthcoming electrified Blue Oval models will arrive packing an array of digital experiences and are designed to be fully updatable and simplified. Those models may also utilize a 48-volt architecture like the Cybertruck, and are expected to return big profits as well.

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  1. CP

    All EVs are junk. What a waste of resources.

    1. Ford Owner

      I bet you feed propane gas to your computers and phones!

    2. steven stanick

      Well said!

  2. Big burnin gas steve

    No not exciting!

  3. erock9202

    They “digital experience” claim is a huge let down. However, if Ford can make a Lightning equivalent of the upcoming Ramcharger, then maybe I can ignore the digital experience.

  4. wright

    Much like the Edsel, the damage as been done.

  5. Alfred

    Wow, if the world were run by the negative nancys here, we’d be f#$ked.

  6. Tim

    Funny, no word on range, battery capacity, etc.
    You know, functionality stuff. But hey! Sounds like it’s got better handling than Mustang, so, less going into crowds and curbs.

  7. Steve Frey

    Why can’t Ford change the look of the new F150. Won’t consider buying unless it is changed. Really liked my 2018 F150, but time for change.


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