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Supercharged 2024 Ford Mustang GT Makes Big Power: Video

It didn’t take long – mere days, it seems – after the launch of the S650-generation 2024 Ford Mustang GT that more than one shop already had the new pony car strapped to a dyno, working to see what kind of numbers it churns out at the wheels. Those results ultimately fell within accepted standards, but as is always the case, many of those same companies – and owners – are looking to boost them significantly. Luckily for them, there are already several supercharger kits for the S650 available to purchase, including one from Whipple and another from Ford Performance that also utilizes a Whipple blower. Now, we’re getting to see what kind of gains that kit provides in this new video from long-time Mustang tuner Lethal Performance.

After getting its hands on a 2024 Ford Mustang GT and a Stage 2 Whipple supercharger kit, Lethal went about installing it and strapping the car to the dyno to see just how much power it could generate. This particular car is equipped with the six-speed manual transmission and a 93-octane fuel Whipple tune, while the kit itself contains a sixth-generation 3.0L supercharger fitted with a 3.75-inch pulley. This particular car is also equipped with Kooks long tube headers, a Corsa HH-pipe, an RXT clutch, and a QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft.

As has been the case previously, Lethal ran into a bit of trouble with the factory limiter, which is set at 7,100 rpm on all manual 2024 Mustang models. This means that it wasn’t able to reach the top of the RPM band, where it could potentially make even more power. Regardless, in third gear, this GT laid down a whopping 781 horsepower at the wheels, which is a pretty incredible boost over the stock rating of 486 ponies.

In fourth gear, some 2024 Ford Mustang GT models have put down 20-30 more horsepower in some prior runs, however, so Lethal figures that if they can get around the limiter issue, they could easily get more than 800 horsepower at the wheels in this application. As is usually the case, the aftermarket is already hard at work on solving that issue – in fact, Whipple is reportedly developing such a fix right now, and soon, we’ll get to hopefully see just what the latest pony car is really capable of.

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  1. Stalkbroker94

    I remember when it was announced that certain security measures were going to be put into place to ensure that the electronics were going to be harder to hack remotely. As a side-effect, it was also going to be harder to tune. SO many people immediately went on and on about how Ford hates tuners and THAT’S why they were making such measures. Couldn’t possibly be due to security because look, I can’t immediately tune my brand new Mustang GT.
    Yet, here we are. It, as with many things, was just going to take time and wouldn’t you know it, for some reason full-grown adults that was a difficult concept to understand.
    Cheers, Lethal Performance.


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