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TRX Successor Ram 1500 RHO Spied Testing For The First Time

The Ford F-150 Raptor R debuted for the 2023 model year as the supercharged, V8-powered, off-road-focused, Blue Oval pickup of everyone’s dreams, taking the fight directly to its only true rival – the Ram 1500 TRX. However, while the Raptor R is sticking around as part of the 2024 F-150 refresh – and is even getting more power, to boot – the TRX is on its last leg, literally, and set to be discontinued following the 2024 model year. However, it is being replaced by the all-new Ram 1500 RHO, which was just spotted testing by Ford Authority.

The Ram 1500 RHO was made official when Stellantis debuted the refreshed 2025 Ram 1500 lineup recently, but the automaker has yet to officially reveal this TRX successor. Regardless, Ford Authority reported that the new pickup would likely arrive packing a variant of the relatively new Hurricane inline-six cylinder engine last October, and that will apparently be the case, after all, as Stellantis revealed that the RHO will be powered by a high-output Hurricane powerplant churning out 540 horsepower when it debuts in Q3 2024 – far less than the 2024 Raptor R’s output of 720 horsepower, but more than the top guise of the Hurricane at the moment, which generates 510 horsepower.

Otherwise, the Ram 1500 RHO looks a lot like the outgoing TRX, albeit with some styling updates present on the rest of the refreshed Ram lineup. We can clearly see the truck’s wider fenders in these photos, along with fender flares, big hood vents holding a trio of amber lights, and large 35-inch tires, plus dual exhaust tips cut into the rear bumper.

This particular pickup is also wearing camo that conceals updates destined for the refreshed 2025 Ram 1500 lineup in general, including different headlights, a revised grille, new taillights, and a reworked tailgate. With its official debut months away, we should know a lot more about the new Ram 1500 RHO soon, likely before its debut in the third quarter of the year.

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  1. Shelbykl

    Ford ecoboost Raptor looks in trouble 450 pales to 540 that 90 horsepower more then Fords top V6 in the Raptor. Ram could really hurt Fords Raptor sales having over 90 horsepower more then the volume selling V6 Raptor. That in line 6 should be really smooth compared to the Raptor V6 and sound allot better also. Shame Ford did not come out with a in line 6 like Ram did.

    1. John

      Unfortunately, it sounds just as horrible as the V6 Raptor.

    2. Bradford

      It’s still alot heavier truck, so even with 90hp it’s lacking in power to weight. Now it’ll just be a slower unproven Raptor competitor.

  2. ArtG

    Ford canceled their I-6 program.


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