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UAW Endorses Joe Biden For President, Pans Donald Trump

As the U.S. prepares to subject itself to another election cycle, it appears that current President Joe Biden will once again be squaring off against his predecessor, Donald Trump, as other Republican candidates continue to drop out of the race. The battle between these two hit the news cycle last fall during the six-week-long United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, as both Biden and Trump headed to Detroit during that action – Biden joining the UAW’s picket line with union president Shawn Fain, while Trump visited a non-union supplier. While Fain previously refused to throw his support behind either candidate, he has since changed his tone following Biden’s visit and comments regarding his support of the union, making it no real surprise that he has now officially endorsed the acting president as his candidate of choice.

“This November, we can stand up and elect someone who wants to stand with us and support our cause. Or we can elect someone who will divide us and fight us every step of the way,” Fain said while speaking at the UAW’s national Community Action Program (CAP) conference. “That”s what this choice is about. The question is, who do we want in that office to give us the best shot of winning? Of organizing. Of negotiating strong contracts. Of uniting the working class and winning our fair share once again, as our union has done so many times in our nation’s history. We need to know who’s going to sit in the most powerful seat in the world and help us win as a united working class.”

“Today I’m proud to announce that UAW is endorsing Joe Biden for President of the United States. And I am honored to invite Joe Biden to come address our great union, and join us in our fight for economic and social justice for the UAW and for the whole working class. UAW family, let’s stand up and welcome the man who stood up for us. Please welcome the current President of the United States, the man we will re-elect, Joe Biden!”

However, Fain also took time to bash Trump, seemingly the man that Biden will be running against as we get closer to November’s election. “Donald Trump is a SCAB,” Fain said, using a term that’s historically been used to insult those that are anti-union. “Donald Trump is a billionaire, and that’s who he represents. If Donald Trump ever worked in an auto plant, he wouldn’t be a UAW member. He’d be a company man, trying to squeeze the American autoworker. Donald Trump stands against everything the UAW stands for.”

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