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Watch All Three Ford GT Generations Head To The Track: Video

Though the Ford GT has once again been discontinued after production of the latest generation of the iconic model ended last year following an extended run, that hasn’t stopped many from comparing or lining it up against newer machines like the 2023 Corvette Z06. In those tests, the older Ford GT continues to hold its own in most ways – an impressive feat – but we were particularly fascinated to see how all three generations of the legendary sports car fared against each other in this recent video from Carwow.

Ford GT40 Drag Race With Second- And Third-Gen Ford GT - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Truthfully, pretty much anyone with basic knowledge of the Ford GT40, as well as the first- and second-generation Ford GT already knows how this particular three-way drag race will end, because, well, tremendous progress was made with the launch of each compared to its predecessor. Regardless, it’s a pretty cool way to celebrate the demise of the GT once again, we’d say.

We say that because in this particular test, we have a 1967 GT40, which is equipped with a 4.7L V8 that sends 310 horsepower to the wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox with a curb weight of 2,711 pounds. The newer 2006 Ford GT is packing the supercharged 5.4L V8 that makes 560 horsepower and is mated to a six-speed manual, with around 3,351 pounds to move. Finally, the 2017 Ford GT seen here is equipped with the twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 EcoBoost that makes 650 horsepower, is mated to a quick-shifting dual-clutch gearbox, and tips the scales at 3,274 pounds.

Reading those numbers, it would seem as if the newer Ford GT would be a bit of a ringer in a straight line, and, well, that’s precisely the case. The newer cars quickly leave the classic in their rear-view mirrors, but the 2017 model pulls away from the ’06 with ease, particularly at the top of the run. It managed to run an 11-second quarter-mile versus the 2006 model’s 12-second jaunt and the 1967’s 13.9-second result. The same can be said of the ensuing roll race, half-mile run, and braking test, but then again, we consider all three of these cars to be winners, personally.

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