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1999 Ford F-350 Abandoned By Tavarish Needed Work: Video

In the world of YouTube, purchasing old, beat-up, and sometimes nearly-useless, high-mile vehicles remains a highly popular format to this day. This process typically plays out in something of a series where our host is excited about their purchase before they start to dig into it and discover that, well, maybe it wasn’t such a great idea after all – and from there, they either decide to spend a bunch of money fixing it up, or they part ways with that vehicle and cut their losses. Recently, Tyler Hoover of Hoovie’s Garage got lucky with his 300k-mile Ford F-150 Raptor that turned out to be a solid buy, but that isn’t necessarily the case with this 1999 Ford F-350 that Freddy Hernandez – or Tavarish, as he’s known on YouTube – abandoned a few years ago.

1999 Ford F-350 Refresh - Engine Bay 001

For some time, Hernandez drove this 1999 Ford F-350 on a daily basis, at least until he didn’t – for around two years. Recently, at the behest of his viewers, he decided to invest some time and money to get it fixed up and driving again, plus add some replacement and aftermarket parts such as a Banks Power Parts ram air intake, intercooler, reservoir, timing cover, gaskets, fuel pressure regulator, glow plugs, water pump, belts, turbo housing, downpipe, exhaust, and batteries.

For a diesel truck with around 280k miles on the clock, these types of things are rather necessary for the most part, but Hernandez also had to deal with an interior that had accumulated mold after sitting in humid Florida for so long. As it sits, the F-350 is a bit of a Frankenstein build to begin with, as it’s a 1999 Ford F-350 with a front end and interior from a 2006 model, coupled with a rear end from a 2008 Super Duty.

Regardless, after investing some money and effort into his old work truck, the Ford dually is running and driving quite nicely once again, and the good news is, Hernandez plans to put it to good use hauling his future projects around moving forward – which is precisely what it was designed to do in the first place.

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