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2011-2019 Ford Explorer Investigation Closed Due To Recall

Over the past few months, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been busy closing out Blue Oval-related investigations, a list that includes queries into door latch issues with select 2020-2021 Ford Escape crossovers, power steering problems with 2010 Ford Fusion sedans, and unintentional tailgate openings on 2017-2020 Ford Super Duty trucks. Now, the NHTSA has also closed its investigation into 2011-2019 Ford Explorer models after FoMoCo issued a recall addressing that same issue, too.

The NHTSA opened this investigation just last month after it received 164 complaints from owners of 2011-2019 Ford Explorer models that said their windshield trim panel detached while they were traveling at highway speeds. Some of the complaints reported that the drivers of the vehicles following behind the problematic Explorers were allegedly and understandably startled when the trim piece hit the windshield, and momentarily lost control of their vehicle.

That same agency estimated that around 1,864,480 Ford Explorer models are potentially affected by this problem, which was more than enough to warrant an investigation, it concluded. However, shortly after it did, Ford chose to issue a recall addressing the same matter, which it determined is caused by A-pillar trim retention clips that may not be properly engaged, which could cause the windshield trim piece to become detached.

In its report, the NHTSA noted that Ford’s solution for this problem is to replace those faulty clips and the trim if needed, along with additional adhesive to ensure that it won’t become detached in the future. As such, it chose to close its investigation, but as is always the case, the agency could take additional action in the future if this remedy proves insufficient.

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  1. Roger Morris

    The 10R80 transmission. Fordis in denial over problems with several problems with it. GM has same transmission 10L80. They realized there was a problem and they fixed the problem. I’ve been a Ford pickup owner since 1981. The next pickup will not be a Ford unless they get over the denial holdup and fix the issue.

  2. Becky

    Hey Roger good luck with ford admitting to the problem

  3. Becky

    Try complaining on some of the social media sites

  4. Becky

    they only post what they want to here

  5. Becky

    10 speed for = JUNK

  6. David Jones

    I have a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT V6 AWD 146k and my Back up Camera keeps going out, rust on back hatch door, my driver door light keeps coming on door ajar but it is closed, any thoughts 🤔.


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