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2015-2016 Ford C-Max Among CR’s Most Fun To Drive Cars

Gone but certainly not forgotten, the Ford C-Max continues to rack up boatloads of accolades as of late, a list that includes being named among the 10 Best Used Hybrids and Electric Cars Under $15,000 by Kelley Blue Book, as well as one of the best cars for teens, a top choice for less than $15k, and one of the best used vehicles that cost between $10,000 and $15,000, all by Consumer Reports. Now, that same organization continues to lavish praise on the Ford C-Max after naming the 2015-2016 models as some of the most fun-to-drive vehicles out there.

To come up with this particular list, Consumer Reports looked to its test data and voted on which models its judges felt offered up not only the most fun driving experience, but also vehicles that are reliable, safe, fuel-efficient, and in some instances, even highly affordable, as is the case with the Ford C-Max.

CR‘s test group noted that the 2015-2016 Ford C-Max is indeed a utilitarian vehicle thanks to its abundance of cargo space, but it’s also a “lively” handling machine, one with “a healthy dose of torque for zippy acceleration” coming from its hybrid powertrain. CR also praised the C-Max for its stable ride, hatchback utility, roomy interior, and 37 mile-per-gallon average fuel economy result during testing. As far as cons go, Consumer Reports staffers did note that they found certain controls a bit aggravating to use, and others felt like the car’s mini-van like styling may prove to be a turnoff for some. Otherwise, it’s hard to find a combination like this in any other vehicle out there.

“An agile car with quick acceleration and a satisfying sound can be a pleasure,” said Gabe Shenhar, associate director of Consumer Report‘s Auto Test Center. “When it’s also reliable, fuel-efficient, and within your budget, it’s even more enjoyable.”

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