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2025 Ford Expedition Refresh Details Revealed: Exclusive

Back in May 2023, Ford Authority spotted a 2025 Ford Expedition prototype out testing for the very first time, giving us a sneak peek at the big SUV’s forthcoming mid-cycle refresh. Those changes are expected to include the addition of some Range Rover-like exterior styling cues at the front and rear, as Ford Authority reported last August, as well as a fairly substantial overhaul for the interior as well. Regardless, these 2025 Ford Expedition prototypes have been covered in heavy camo inside and out, which has concealed many of those changes. However, sources familiar with the matter have now revealed a number of notable updates we can expect to see on the forthcoming, refreshed 2025 Ford Expedition.

These details pertain to the interior of the 2025 Ford Expedition, specifically, which is slated to receive a pretty extensive revamp. This total cockpit redo will include the introduction of a coast-to-coast or pillar-to-pillar screen, along with an additional screen in the center stack that’s located between the HVAC vents, much like the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus, it seems.

Additionally, the refreshed Expedition will feature the familiar rotary shift knob, though it will be located on a ledge beneath the center stack screen, and it will also be accompanied by a volume knob right next to it. Finally, a new steering wheel design wraps up this list of changes, which seems to be quite significant in scope – particularly for a basic mid-cycle refresh. Other than these changes, we expect the aforementioned front and rear fascia revisions that are typical for this type of action, but nothing major on the exterior of the full-size SUV.

At the moment, it’s unclear when the 2025 Ford Expedition will make its official debut, but we expect a full reveal in the coming weeks or months – particularly since the refreshed 2025 Ford Explorer just broke cover earlier this month.

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  1. LB

    Another refresh!

  2. Sam

    Working hard to stay alive beside the GM twins.

    1. Notafanboy

      You mean the ones that had a live axle 19 year after the expedition received theirs???…. and when they finally put an IRS on it it was a near clone of ford’s design….. yeah real trendsetters those gm folk are.

  3. I am, wright

    Useless without a V-8.

    1. John Q Public

      The EcoBoost V6 outperforms the V8 it replaced.

  4. Edward Newman

    Hmm, what would I like to see, what would make me trade in my 22 304a… More aggressive front grille, get rid of the rest of the chrome on the outside. Dual exhaust means one on each side. If they are keeping the 3.5 HO, bump to at least 500hp from the factory. Ideally, a 5.0 coyote with the supercharger option. Some Ford Performance badging. Interior is honestly quite nice. Move the wireless phone charger to the top of the center console like the GM’s. Brembo brake calipers not just red painted standard ones. Lastly, updated wheels, the Ford Performance black 22’s are nicer. And it has to come from the factory with better tires. Michelins or such. Not $99 General’s that only last 10-15k miles.


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