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Aftermarket Ford Bronco Bi-LED Lights May Be Worth It: Video

Since its launch for the 2021 model year, the sixth-generation Ford Bronco has quickly become one of the most popular vehicles to modify. Owners tend to gravitate toward things like lift kits, wheels and tires, bumpers, and other goodies when it comes to enhancing their off-road-focused SUVs, but oftentimes, not so much when it comes to items such as aftermarket headlights. However, back in October 2022, a company called Oracle revealed its new Oculus Bi-LED Headlamp system for the 2021 and up Ford Bronco, and now, we learning that it may very well be worth the cost, according to YouTuber and Big Bend owner Micah Muzio.

Ford Bronco Big Bend Oracle Oculus Bi-LED Headlamp System Review

Oracle provided Muzio with its new Oculus Bi-LED headlamps so that he could install and test them out, and that’s precisely what he did, all while comparing them with the stock units. While the Bronco is a relatively new product, some lesser trims come with headlights that leave a lot to be desired – especially for those that are used to today’s modern and ultra-bright LEDs – so this kind of aftermarket solution may prove quite enticing for some, as he points out.

Muzio notes that when driving at night, he can see much further in the distance with the new headlights installed, though he also adds that installation took a little effort such as removing the grille, loosening the fenders, and popping off a few trim pieces. The Oracle headlights also come in three pieces, so they have to be assembled, though this modular design also means that they can be upgraded in the future, too.

Regardless, that work seems to be worth the effort, as Muzio is quite please with the results of swapping out his stock headlights for Oracle’s Bi-LED system. As we can see in the side by side comparison, the new units greatly increase visibility, meaning that even though they cost upwards of $800-$900 – these upgraded parts may be well worth it.

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    All new Bronco’s across all trims come with standard LED lights. Signature lights are optional on lower trims but aren’t much better per NHTSA tests. Not sure I’m crazy about the look of all the aftermarket lights available right now or what the longevity/replacement timeframe will be.


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