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Donut Media Puts $15K Suspension On $500 Ford Ranger: Video

As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, the folks behind the YouTube channel Donut Media recently purchased a rather well-worn Ford Ranger for the paltry sum of $500. After taking the pickup out for a spin in the desert, they gave us a list of the many things that are wrong it, which isn’t terribly surprising given its low purchase price – but also revealed that they planned on sinking a significant amount of money into the compact pickup with the intentions of going desert racing. Now, the first major purchase in that process is complete, as Donut Media has installed a rather pricey suspension system on that same old, tired Ford Ranger.

$500 Ford Ranger Desert Racer Project Gets $15K Suspension

Given the fact that they plan to race this Ford Ranger a total of 500 miles across the deserts of Mexico, the compact pickup obviously needs some significant upgrades if it’ll survive that treacherous journey, and that’s precisely what this suspension setup is. Individually, that setup consists of a large I-beam kit and shackles that cost $4,132, King front coilovers ($3,908), King rear shocks ($2,612), King bump stops ($1,736), Deaver leaf springs ($1,250), a hoop kit ($200), limit straps ($180), and a few hundred dollars that went to miscellaneous hardware and other parts.

$500 Ford Ranger Desert Racer Project Gets $15K Suspension

Making matters worse, when we factor in shipping and taxes, that sum rises by another $2,000 or so, bringing the total outlay for this investment up to around $17k. Of course, installing those parts won’t be that easy either, given the fact that this Ford Ranger has 250k miles on the clock, meaning that the old stuff – and its hardware – is going to take a lot of effort to remove.

That’s precisely the case as the team at Donut Media proceeds to rip and tear away at the old, well-worn pickup, removing all of its tired old bits and pieces and replacing them with stuff fit for a proper desert racer. By the time that process is complete, however, this Ford Ranger looks completely different – more like a real trophy truck than some beat up old used model destined for the junkyard, in fact.

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