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Farley Had Some Nice Things To Say About The Ford Escape

Over the past couple of years, it seems as if FoMoCo has been keen to get out of the two-row crossover business altogether, given comments from CEO Jim Farley. We’re already beginning to see the writing on the proverbial wall in that regard, as the Ford Edge is set to be discontinued in North America after production ends at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada this April, after which it will be replaced by all-electric versions of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. The Ford Escape has long been expected to head to the chopping block as well, but when asked about new vehicle demand in 2024 on the automaker’s Q4 conference call with investors, Farley had some nice things to say about the compact crossover.

“Bronco is really solid. We still have order banks on Bronco. We have new versions coming out every – we just finished the Heritage. It’s going well,” Farley said. “The Escape is new. So I don’t think there’s a lot of risk there. It’s like six months new and is going very well. And we have an Escape Hybrid that is super popular. Helps us transition against the Japanese. I don’t think my domestic competitors have that.”

These comments are certainly notable after Farley has hinted – on multiple occasions – that the Ford Escape was facing discontinuation, at least in ICE form. Back in June 2022, Farley said that “we’re not going to have commodity products like Edges and Escapes,” then, last year, added that “we are not going to be playing in the two-row commodity crossover market.” The CEO followed up those comments early this year by noting that the company doesn’t plan on building “boring” vehicles moving forward, either.

2023 Ford Escape

At the same time, multiple reports have suggested that an all-electric version of the Ford Escape was slated to join The Blue Oval’s lineup, or perhaps an EV replacement of some sort. However, given the automaker’s recent decision to push back $12 billion in planned EV investments – and even potential models – in the wake of weakening demand, it’s unclear if that’s still the case.

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  1. Mortimer Duke

    I’m increasingly beginning to believe that Ford has very little sense of its future direction.

    1. ron

      Believe it, it’s true

  2. ron

    At least someone did.

  3. Doug Benkert

    We love our new Escape.

  4. Wayne

    I have 2 escapes. I love both of them. they are fast, get good gas mileage, handle great

  5. Hey

    I have a 2022 Stealth, love it

  6. Linc

    The Edge was a misfit toy on The Blue Oval island. It was an ‘long/fancy’ Escape and was really just sales competition for the Lincoln Corsair. If you want a fancy Escape – Corsair. The Ford EcoSport is gone (too bad) because the size was good -the name sucked. So, Ford Escape fits a niche they still have to fill…and it sells well.

  7. john l. mccarthy

    Farley is a joke waiting to explode Ford Motor. Ford’s pricing is putting normal customers ought of range whether buying or leasing. Korea/Japan are going to overrun Ford with affordable cars. Just saying.

  8. Grace

    Has Farley ever driven a Ford Escape? 2021 Ford Escape 3 cylinder – Piece of absolute crap.


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