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Farley Says COVID Was ‘Incredibly Destructive’ To Ford

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the world as a whole, leading to a substantial number of deaths, lingering symptoms for many, and of course, macroeconomic impacts that are still being felt to this day. For companies like Ford, the pandemic also set forth a production nightmare thanks to various shutdowns and supply chain issues. However, it seems as if COVID-19 caused problems for the automaker in a number of other ways, as CEO Jim Farley touched on while speaking at the recent 2024 Wolfe Conference.

“And – but coming from Toyota, the biggest change is talent in the industrial system,” Farley said. “I have found the right group of people who have a lean – a lean approach to their work, who aren’t – who know what good looks like in the discipline, the technical discipline of purchasing, manufacturing, and engineering. And they are starting to get traction with rewiring the company, rewiring how we work, restoring disciplines we used to have that we didn’t do.”

“COVID was an incredibly destructive force at Ford, the industrial system. We stopped visiting suppliers. I mean, I can give you a long list of stuff that stopped doing that I think others didn’t, where Ford (has) gotten much unhealthier than our competition during COVID.”

Indeed, recent studies have shown that Ford ranks below many of its competitors in terms of supplier relations – which also tend to have an impact on quality. Ford CEO Jim Farley has previously noted that improving quality is a key priority, and blamed this downward trend on corporate inefficiencies that disappeared and wound up growing back. Regardless, even though chairman Bill Ford later noted that he’s pleased with the actions the company’s CEO has taken to right the proverbial ship, Farley recently admitted that he didn’t act aggressively enough or perhaps soon enough to rectify these problems before they grew – issues that have reportedly caused an $8 billion dollar cost gap compared to the competition.

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  1. Mark

    And yet another excuse for failures on Farley’s watch. He’s as good as gone IMO.

  2. Drew Ford Retiree

    He was the implementer for Furniture Boy‘s distractions. Furniture Boy should return 100% of compensation. Farley should return 90%of it.

  3. Dan

    EVs were destructive to Ford, they lost $42K on every EV sold. Americans are boycotting EVs.

  4. Jfunk

    Chamois’s boy

  5. mary

    Heidi says farley is destructive to ford and its stock holders. Try recalling the millions of 10 speed transmissions that are terrible and a hazard to the public.

  6. Tigger

    Duh Farley!


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