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Ford And GM Beat Tesla In Revenue Generated Per Worker

As most are well aware by now, all-electric vehicles are typically not profit generators – at least not yet. Due to high raw materials costs and a recent drop in demand, Ford recently decided to delay $12 billion in planned EV investments, in fact, a move it’s making as it focuses on making its second-generation EVs profitable – a process that’s expected to take around 12 months following their launch. However, Ford also has its revenue generating ICE-powered F-Series lineup to compensate for its Model e EV losses, which isn’t true of Tesla, a company that only builds and sells all-electric vehicles. As a result, both Ford and General Motors generated more revenue last year per worker than it did, according to Reuters.

Tesla Model 3 Refresh - Exterior 002 - Front Three Quarters

Last year, Tesla generated roughly $97 billion in revenue, which means that given the fact it employs around 140,000 employees, each of those workers accounted for $690,000 in revenue. By comparison, Ford employs 173,000 workers who accounted for $937,000 each, and GM’s 163,000 employees represented a little over $1 million individually.

However, it is worth noting that Tesla managed to improve this figure versus 2022, when each of its workers accounted for $637,000, and in 2023, the company beefed up its global workforce by 10 percent. Regardless, amid softening demand, the company has also lost around $180 billion in market capitalization thus far in 2024.

Meanwhile, Ford’s Model e business unit posted $1.6 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2023, which is two percent higher than Q4 2022, but it also lost $1.57 billion in Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT), a figure that’s $939 million higher than the same time frame a year ago. However, that difference was mostly compensated for by the automaker’s Ford Blue (ICE) and Ford Pro (commercial) divisions, which helped reduce the company’s net loss to $526 million on $46 billion in revenue.

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