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Ford BlueOval SK CEO Says Mold Situation Is Being Handled

Early this month, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) opened an investigation into Ford BlueOval SK Battery Park in Kentucky after a number of electricians and tradespeople working on the future EV battery plants there became sick with headaches and respiratory issues. This problem reportedly stemmed from wooden crates shipped from Korea filled with factory equipment, which contained a significant amount of mold. Since then, action has been taken to implement a mold protocol and treat the site, and now, the CEO of Ford BlueOval SK – Michael Adams – says that the situation is being handled appropriately, according to WDRB.

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College (ECTC) Ford BlueOval SK Training Center Groundbreaking

Adams noted that the joint-venture is “well aware” of concerns related to this discovery, but added that it will have “no impact” on its plan to begin production there in 2025. “We’re well aware of the mold situation,” Adams added. “The safety of all the employees on the site – whether they are BlueOval SK employees or other contractors’ employees – is paramount, and everything is being managed.”

The presence of mold was discovered after some workers for Abel Construction – a contractor responsible for installing equipment at the site – found mold in the aforementioned crates and in tractor trailers, though the company noted that an independent review concluded that it was safe to work around and would only result in “slight irritation” for some with preexisting health conditions. Regardless, one of those subcontracted workers – none of whom work for Ford or BlueOval SK – described the scene a little differently.

Ford BlueOval SK Battery Park 003

“It’s like if you walked into a crypt or something – just horrible. It will knock you down when you open the crates or containers or even walk in the door on some floors,” said James Dugan, an electrician who previously worked for one of the subcontractors at the future Ford BlueOval SK site.

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  1. Sam

    Next they can clean up the cobwebs due to the Nationwide boycott against EVs.

  2. John

    The mold is everywhere the whole building needs to be fumigated or whatever. Shut the job down for a couple weeks to clean it all up. I’ve been sick for weeks from being around it. Not to mention the possibility of carrying home spores to the family


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