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Ford BlueOval SK Event Venue Created Famous Milkshake

Though Ford recently chose to delay around $12 billion in planned EV investments amid slowing demand, it certainly hasn’t given up on electric vehicles by any means. In fact, construction at the Ford BlueOval City campus in Stanton, Tennessee continues, where the automaker will build a next-generation all-electric pickup truck code-named “Project T3” starting in 2025. Ford has also broken ground on a training center at that campus and recently landed its first supplier for the site, all while developers are planning on building housing, shops, and other types of infrastructure nearby in nearby Brownsville, Tennessee. Now, Ford BlueOval SK brass are looking to a familiar local ice cream shop as a venue for a hiring roadshow.

That shop is Livingston’s Soda Fountain and Grill, which is located around 15 minutes from the under-construction Ford BlueOval City site, where the owners and big-time Ford fans, Glenda and Jack Pettigrew, created a special FoMoCo-themed milkshake a couple of years ago that features birthday cake flavored ice cream, blue sprinkles, and a blue lollipop to celebrate the automaker’s arrival in town.

Now, Ford will use Livingston’s as an event venue of sorts this Thursday and Friday as it aims to fill 2,500 positions, where human resources employees will be on-site to answer questions and take applications. Meanwhile, this news also confirms that the automaker is on track to begin operations at its future plants in 2025, as previously expected.

Currently, the BlueOval City campus in Tennessee will have contain one manufacturing plant for the aforementioned next-gen EV pickup, as well as one battery plant. Meanwhile, in nearby Glendale, Kentucky, Ford BlueOval SK Battery Park will have one functional battery plant and one physical plant that will not be operational – at least not when it begins operations next year.

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