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Ford Bronco Destroys Mazda 3 After Blowing Light: Video

Over the years, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of accidents involving Ford vehicles, and that continues to this day. In fact, we’re seeing more and more of these types of wrecks thanks to the growing popularity of dash cameras, which figure to spread to more and more vehicles moving forward. Regardless, that list includes a Ford Explorer that absolutely demolished a Ford Focus that ran a red light recently, though even the large, heavy Ford Super Duty isn’t immune to those who don’t bother to stop when the light turns red, either. Now, this video that was just posted to Reddit shows us yet another horrifying crash involving a Ford Bronco and Mazda 3 that also occurred when the rugged SUV ran a red light.

Ford Bronco Crashes Into Mazda 3 - Exterior 002 - Side

The clip starts off when the person who posted the video is merely sitting at the red light in a busy intersection, waiting for the light to turn green – along with those lined up in a couple of lanes beside him. That eventually happens, at which point all three vehicles being to move forward, though only one clearly sees the Ford Bronco that comes barreling in from the left side.

Unfortunately for those vehicles, the Sasquatch Package-equipped Ford Bronco winds up smashing into the Mazda 3 in the center lane before also hitting the person’s car who’s filming all of the action. It’s pretty clear from the impact that the poor compact sedan suffered some serious damage, though the car to the left of it managed to hit the brakes just in time.

5 seconds after the light turned green. I’m the grey car [oc]
byu/Kaliden-Stormblessed inIdiotsInCars

Meanwhile, the car that’s filming the entire incident also gets hit when the Bronco swerves after its initial impact and hits the front end of the car, though the ensuing damage there seems minimal. In any event, this footage is just more proof that when the light turns green, looking both ways – more than once, in fact – might just wind up saving us from suffering a similar fate.

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  1. jen

    Was the jeep that ran the red light a legally licensed driver ?

  2. Does It Matter

    I’m pretty sure that’s a mid-2000s Nissan Sentra that the Bronco destroyed.

  3. Mf

    Bronco owner should lose their license for at least 10 years for that. That’s reckless, negligent, and there’s no excuse. That’s an attitude that could only be fixed with decisive punishment.


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