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Ford Dealer Installed Keyless Keypads Same As Factory Part

In recent years, Ford has slowly been removing its keyless entry keypads from various models – a list that includes the 2024 Ford Maverick, the 2024 Ford Bronco Sport, the 2024 Ford Escape, and – most recently – the refreshed 2025 Ford Explorer, as Ford Authority reported just yesterday. However, these keypads – now officially called the Illuminated Door Entry Keypad – are still available, just not as something that’s installed at the factory. Rather, those that still appreciate this particular feature can get it as a dealer-installed option, with prices falling right around the $350 mark including installation. Now, we’ve learned something else about these new keypads – they’re the same exact part that was previously included from the factory.

2025 Ford Explorer Illuminated Door Entry Keypad

As we can see at the official Ford Accessories site, the optional, dealer-installed Illuminated Door Entry Keypad for the 2024 Bronco Sport, 2024 Escape, and 2025 Explorer are precisely the same design as the part that previously came installed from the factory, and it seems as if Ford simply decided to shift that responsibility to dealers, which makes sense if the option was one that not a lot of folks were opting for.

The upside for consumers is that for those who appreciate having the ability to gain access to their vehicles via a keypad, this is not the stick-on type that’s found on some other Blue Oval products, as it has a neat, integrated appearance that’s a bit stealthier. However, it is worth noting that this isn’t the case with the keypad for the 2024 Maverick, which has physical buttons integrated into the B-pillar – unlike the Bronco, which has a “stick-on” type of keypad.

Keyless Entry Keypad Ford Bronco

Regardless, all of these parts are reasonably priced and users can program them with up to five personal codes to gain access, which is sure to appeal to some. The only difference here is, they’ll just have to arrange for the keypad to be installed at a dealer, rather than taking delivery from the factory with it already installed.

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  1. Drew Ford Retiree

    Ford and Farley are stupid. Quality is in the cellar. Keyless entry is the only reason to drive a Ford instead of dozens of better competitors.

  2. M

    Let’s hope they add the Edge to it.

  3. Steve

    A great feature. It was a $295.00 stand alone option on my 1989 Mercury Sable LS I had and was standard on my 1994 Sable and my 2020 Fusion Hybrid I currently drive. I use it all the time and I still remember the old codes. I would always get questions about it on the ’89 Sable.

    As a side note, Chevy offers it as an option on the Malibu check their website.


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