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Ford Edge Among CR’s Best American Vehicles For 2024

The Ford Edge has long been the proverbial apple of Consumer Reports‘ eye, with the mid-size crossover racking up accolades such as one of the best new SUVs that cost less than $40k, a superior pick over the Chevy Blazer, one of the best mid-size SUVs for the money, and one of the best American vehicles on sale today. Now, that trend continues, as the Ford Edge has once again been recognized as one of the very best American vehicles that customers can buy today, too.

This new list features the best American cars, trucks, and SUVs/crossovers from U.S.-founded and -based companies like Ford, Tesla, General Motors, and Stellantis (which is actually a multinational corporation headquartered in Amsterdam, interestingly enough) based on the consumer organization’s overall score, which is determined via road testing, owner satisfaction ratings, safety, and reliability. Each of these vehicles has also earned CR‘s recommended status, though not every model on the list is actually built in the U.S.

In that regard, the Ford Edge topped the list of mid-size two-row crossovers from traditional U.S. brands with an overall score of 79 out of 100 possible points. The Edge managed to achieve that feat by scoring above average in the organization’s road testing, while earning a good score in predicted reliability and average marks in terms of predicted owner satisfaction.

Unfortunately for those in the market for a new Ford Edge, the crossover is set to be discontinued in North America once production ends at at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada – which is currently scheduled for April. In the meantime, the Edge continues to post strong sales results, most recently increasing by 98 percent in Q4 2023 and closing out the year with a 24 percent gain, in fact.

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  1. Tigger

    Great move dropping this vehicle Ford

  2. Francois

    Just in time to be discontinued… Because they are retooling the Oakville plant to build EV’s that aren’t selling.

    Whatever, we love 2019 ST and plan on keeping it for a good while longer. Next one will like be a Mazda CX9 or whatever else comparable will be available at the time.

  3. Joe

    Outsold the Mach E in Jan 2024 almost 6 to 1. We don’t need more troubled prone EVs.

  4. Fordfan

    Stupid and shortsighted of Ford not to refresh the Edge. It’s still selling well and EVs won’t become mainstream for another 5-10 years. At least bring over the Edge-L from China, would be a quick stopgap solution.

  5. Michael Olson

    Smooth move ford by discontinuing it

  6. Fordfan

    Edge owners are loyal, but without a replacement they’ll switch to another brand.

  7. carl

    We had a 2018 Edge Titanium and decided to buy one last Edge. Ordered and took delivery of Edge ST a few weeks ago. Love it.

  8. carl

    Sad to see the Edge going away. America is not ready for EV’s yet.

  9. Carolyn Hargett

    I am very disappointed that Ford is discontinuing the Edge. I have 2011, with 175,000 miles and still drives great .It has plenty of shoulder room in front so you don’t feel cramped, great leg room in back for long legged individuals and head room. Right size for trips and easy to park. I would buy another one when ready. So disappointed Ford is discontinuing the Edge. I will never buy an EV. Ridiculous!!

  10. JAK

    And they are getting rid of it. SMH.

  11. Capt. Edward Montgomery


  12. BTM

    Stupid move to discontinue the Ford Edge, I have a 2021 and it run great. EV are not good. I will not buy one.

  13. Rick b

    Bought a brand new 2016 edge. Terrible product..6 rear shocks, catalytic converter, sunroof, electrical issues and..upper and lower engine block repairs.

  14. Mike

    Love my 2011 edge has been the best car we have bought 230,000 miles still runs great ….sorry to see it go


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