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Ford EV Owners Won’t Need Tesla App At Superchargers

Back in May 2023, FoMoCo announced that it had reached a deal with Tesla that will provide Ford EV owners with access to that company’s expansive Supercharger network – effectively expanding its available infrastructure significantly in a short time. The Blue Oval also announced that owners of the Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Mustang Mach-E would be receiving an adapter designed to enable those models – which come equipped with Combined Charging System (CCS) plugs – to utilize Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) chargers, too. Recently, CEO Jim Farley has provided some details on how this adapter will work – including the fact that it will be complimentary for existing owners – and now, InsideEVs has confirmed that those same Ford EV owners won’t have to use the Tesla app at Superchargers, either.

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“[The BlueOval Charging Network] provides one seamless stored payment account through the FordPass App, or the in-vehicle’s touchscreen, that eliminates the need for onsite credit card use. Once owners have created a BlueOval Charge Network account, they can then select, activate, and pay for BlueOval Charge Network charging by using the FordPass ‘View Chargers’ functionality,” Ford Model e spokesperson Marty J. Günsberg confirmed via email.

This is notable given the fact that currently, many third-party chargers require owners to provide payment methods or sign up for multiple accounts to pay for charging, which can be both confusing and inconvenient. It’s unclear if this will also be the case with the many other automakers that followed Ford’s lead and also signed deals with Tesla for Supercharger access, however.

It’s also currently unclear when Ford EV owners will begin receiving their NACS adapters, though a reservation process is expected to open “soon,” with those pieces mailed out based on VINs. As Ford Authority previously reported, second-generation Ford EV models due to arrive starting in 2025 will come equipped with NACS ports from the factory, meaning that no adapter will be required to charge them at a Supercharger. Regardless, SAE International is working to standardize NACS, and since Ford’s decision to go that route, essentially every other automaker has followed suit.

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