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Ford F-150 Recalled For Second Time In Australia

Back in March 2022, The Blue Oval announced that the Ford F-150 would be heading to Australia, joining the the Ram 1500 and Chevy Silverado 1500, which are already on sale in that truck-hungry market. There, a third-party company called RMA Automotive in Mickleham, Victoria, is completing the right-hand drive conversion on those pickups – albeit in small batches for this market – and deliveries of the Australian Ford F-150 officially began back in November 2023. However, that process hit a bit of a snag as an issue with the truck’s steering prompted FoMoCo to issue a recall for the Ford F-150 in Australia earlier this month and now, the popular pickup has been recalled a second time, according to CarExpert.

This latest recall is related to an issue that can cause the airbags to fail to inflate in the event of a crash, but only affects a grand total of nine Ford F-150 pickups – none of which were delivered to customers when the defect was discovered. The problem stems from the truck’s clock spring, and is unrelated to the aforementioned steering recall, which stems from the remanufacturing process.

“The clock spring electrical connection between the steering wheel airbag, horn, and electrical systems may not have been welded to specification and possibly fail,” Ford said in the official recall notice. “If this occurs, it could result in a loss of steering wheel illumination, non-functioning steering wheel control switches, inoperative horn, and the airbag warning light will illuminate which may result in the driver’s airbag becoming inoperative.”

“There are nine vehicles in Australia covered by this recall, which relates to the steering wheel clock spring assembly weld,” Ford Australia said in a statement. “None of the vehicles are with customers, and all will be inspected and repaired if necessary before being delivered. This recall is not related to the re-manufacturing process.”

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