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Ford Maverick Production Boost Leads To Increased Sales

Since its debut for the 2022 model year, the Ford Maverick has been one of the hottest models on the new vehicle market, with many examples still selling for more than sticker price – and inventory remaining a bit scant compared to demand. Ford Maverick production at the Hermosillo Assembly plant took a small dip in December, but still closed out the year strong as 123,786 units rolled out of that particular facility in 2023. That helped the Ford Maverick not only dominate sales in the compact pickup segment, but also hybrid pickups, in general, as that particular model enjoyed a robust 98.39 percent year-over-year increase in January to kick off the new year, too. As one might imagine, this can be directly attributed to the fact that Ford Maverick production has increased, according to The Blue Oval.

According to the automaker, Ford Maverick production received a big boost toward the end of 2023 thanks to enhancements that took place at the Hermosillo plant. That’s precisely what drove January’s tremendous sales result, which came in at nearly double the same time frame to open up 2023.

In fact – perhaps even more interestingly – Ford Maverick sales in January even topped those recorded by the Toyota Tacoma, a mid-size pickup that doesn’t compete directly with the Maverick, but this is still quite notable, nonetheless, particularly since the Tacoma has long been a hot seller for that automaker.

As for February, the Ford Maverick is set up well to continue its success due to an impressive ramp up in production last month as well. In January, Ford produced 16,269 units of its popular compact pickup, which is 5,495 units or 51 percent more than December, when the Hermosillo plant churned out 10,774 units in total.

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  1. UncleAL

    …well, just more vehicles to allow thieving dealers to pluck more money out of consumers from dealer markups of $1,500-5,000 in New York !

  2. J

    After waiting a year and a half my xlt hybrid was just delivered to my dealer. I’ve kind of lost interest be cause of the time past and no communication from ford along the way.
    Seriously thinking about not taking it and continue using my ‘10 Escape that has been the best vehicle so far as I bought it new and took care of it. Just turned 200k last week and I’m sure will go another 100k. And it’s paid for. Will take it for a test drive because I’ve never driven in one and will make a decision. Time will tell.

  3. J

    My ‘24 xlt hybrid just arrived last week after waiting almost a year and a half. Haven’t taken it for a test drive yet. Not excited about it. No communication from ford and with all the competition next year I will have more choices. Time will tell…

    1. Betty

      We got ours last week after a year and a half and couldn’t be happier


    Bought one in 22, sight unseen and it has exceeded my expectations. The 2.0 is solid. Quick and nimble but tough for a small truck

  5. Jeff

    Still waiting for my XL Hybrid to arrive at the dealership. Ordered a 23 on 9/20/22 but the 23 had to be reordered to the 24. Got a production date of 10/30 and it was moved to 11/13,then 11/20 and was in production from 11/20 till it was built 12/16. Then it sat at the plant till 1/22 before it was shipped. So now it’s somewhere between Mexico and NC. Hope to see it before spring. The best part I’ve only talked to the salesperson 2 times since 9/20/22. They really care about the customers!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sparky

    Dealers in my area have been calling me about Mavericks they received. I told them I would pay MSRP and I wouldn’t pay dealer markups. Their not interested in selling for MSRP and I don’t need their truck.

    1. j

      call farless farley he is driving around to dealers

  7. Steve

    Dealers in canada especially in the Maritime Provinces are nonexistent
    Whatever is here they charging way over MRSP basic model 42000 k


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