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Google Maps Could Show Plug And Charge EV Stations

While it’s just starting to roll out the new Ford and Lincoln Digital Experience software in some of its ICE models, The Blue Oval also continues to add features to its Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality in all-electric vehicles, too. Most recently, that includes being the first to add Google Maps charging information that enables it to give Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Mustang Mach-E users an estimated battery level upon their arrival at their selected destination, as well as suggest charging stops along the way and estimate how long it will take to charge that specific vehicle given its current state of charge when they arrive. However, Google Maps may soon show Plug and Charge EV stations along a specific route as well, according to Android Authority.

Google Built-In Android Auto EV Routing Feature

This discovery comes from an APK teardown of the recent 111.15.103 version update of Google Maps, though it’s worth noting that this code is a work in progress, and may not ultimately make it to a public release. Regardless, it does indicate that Google is at least considering adding the ability to show charging stations with Plug and Charge capability along a route.

Plus and Charge technology gives EV owners a simpler way to charge their vehicles that doesn’t require an app or credit card – rather, the vehicle itself handles all of that, similar to the way proprietary tech like Tesla’s Supercharger stations already do, along with other companies via certain third-party charging partnerships. Even better, vehicle authentication reportedly won’t require an internet connection, either.

It’s unclear if Plus and Charge capability will ultimately make it to Google Maps at any point in the future, but it certainly makes a lot of sense – especially given the relative inconvenience some EV owners are facing in certain cases when trying to charge on the go at the moment.

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