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Happy Valentine’s Day, Here’s The Roomiest Ford Vehicles

With Valentine’s Day upon us yet again, it’s safe to say that love is in the air – in more ways than one. Aside from loving our significant others and our families, we obviously adore our Ford vehicles around these parts, which we use to haul our loved ones around in, whether that be out to some fancy dinner tonight, or just to take the kids to soccer practice. Thus, we thought that today – Valentine’s Day 2024 – presents us with the perfect opportunity to provide our readers with a list of the roomiest Ford vehicles available – for scientific purposes, of course.

2024 Ford Transit Europe - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Roomiest Ford Vehicles
Cargo Capacity 2024 Ford Expedition 2024 Ford Expedition Max 2024 Ford Transit Passenger Van Long Extended Length High Roof
Total Passenger Volume (cubic feet) 171.9 172 246.7
Maximum Cargo Volume Behind Second Row (cubic feet) 63.6 79.6 151.80
Maximum Cargo Volume Behind Third Row (cubic feet) 20.9 36 94.2

For those looking to haul around their families and gear – or, you know, perhaps just need a bit more space for other kinds of “extracurricular” activities – they’d be hard-pressed to find more space than this trio of Blue Oval models. For those that prefer a conventional SUV, the Ford Expedition and extended-length Expedition Max are the clear winners here as the brand’s roomiest offerings in that particular category.

However, those willing to tool around in something a bit more unconventional will find that the Ford Transit in passenger van, extended length, high roof configuration blows everything else out of the water in that regard – and it has enough room to stand up inside, which could come in handy for a number of reasons – including some that we won’t mention here.

Otherwise, the future looks bright for those that like to spend time in their Ford vehicles – particularly those that frequently engage in “interpersonal activities,” we’ll call it. In fact, The Blue Oval has filed quite a few patents that shed some light on what its future interiors might look like – cabins with deployable desks for “work” purposes, interiors capable of hosting virtual meetings so we can keep in touch with our loved ones, an air monitoring system to ensure that we’re not (heavily) breathing in toxins, and even configurable layouts so we can convert seats into something like, say, a bed.

Then there’s the matter of future vehicle seats, which may wind up featuring a wet seat detection system (we’re not touching that one, literally), interchangeable cushions for when things do get messy, and even heated trim to help keep us warm and fuzzy. While we wait for such innovations to one day make it into our future Ford vehicles, it’s nice to know that we have plenty of suitable options already – not only comfy ones, but also roomy cabins – though how one ultimately uses them, well, that’s a matter of personal taste. All we’ll say is, be careful out there on this Valentine’s Day, or that particular holiday might look a little different for many years to come!

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    This made me chuckle. Obviously this is “for… um… hauling things.”

    Happy V Day everyone.


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