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Lincoln Dealers Say Brand Aiming For 100K Sales In 2024

Lincoln is in the midst of some major changes, launching the all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus and debuting the refreshed 2025 Lincoln Aviator, putting its EV dealer sales program on hold, not to mention culling hundreds of dealers from its network. As one would expect, these changes are being made in an effort to increase sales and profitability within Ford’s luxury division after a somewhat disappointing 2023 that saw Lincoln post a two percent decrease after moving 81,818 units – its lowest volume in a decade. However, Lincoln is apparently aiming to get back into the six figures in terms of sales in 2024, according to Automotive News.

“The company’s telling us they’re going to go over 100,000 units,” Luis Somoano, president of Doral Lincoln in Miami, told Automotive News after a meeting with the brand at the NADA Show. “That would be big, and we’re set to do it.” Another dealer noted that Lincoln President Dianne Craig even went so far as to say that the brand’s sales could rise “significantly” higher than 100,000 units in 2024, based on its newly revamped lineup and improved quality, all while doling out incentives to help move leftover 2023 models.

“This is the first time in the last few years that everything feels normal again,” Somoano added. “This year, finally, we’re going to start achieving the volume we deserve as a brand. We’ve been suffering a lot, and I think Lincoln was neglected a little bit for a few years, but finally now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The whole line will be basically fresh. We need that kind of momentum for Lincoln because we’ve suffered a little bit with product diversity the last few years.”

Sales Results - USA - Lincoln

YearJanFebMar AprMayJunJul AugSepOctNov DecTotal
20246,985 6,985
20235,808 6,1596,967 6,6836,503 6,9386,661 6,5897,133 6,8746,241 9,26281,818
20225,740 5,9237,485 9,2587,593 6,8946,968 6,3936,666 7,1966,104 7,46683,686
20217,741 7,66410,005 10,4688,143 4,9034,237 5,1547,647 8,3466,426 6,19586,929
20208,815 9,8306,916 4,8707,752 8,9598,630 9,2549,670 10,0508,387 12,577105,710
20198,325 8,3258,325 8,6478,647 8,6479,311 9,3119,311 9,78010,884 12,691112,204
20186,410 6,7009,352 8,5189,755 9,5347,898 8,9458,168 7,5749,207 11,526103,587
20178,785 8,7449,554 9,69110,288 9,2758,875 8,7088,802 8,9098,909 10,619111,159
20167,177 8,0399,689 9,7769,807 8,8099,098 9,2438,797 9,0699,429 12,791111,724
20156,619 6,1648,695 8,1348,128 8,3269,536 8,6368,680 8,4857,918 10,860100,181
20145,973 6,6618,969 6,8038,845 7,2717,863 8,1467,257 8,8838,113 9,69094,474
*** This manufacturer is now publishing only quarterly numbers for this market. Monthly figures may be averages.

Looking at historical numbers, such a task seems somewhat daunting, as Lincoln hasn’t hit the 100k sales mark since 2020. However, prior to the lull the luxury brand has experienced over the past few years, Lincoln sold more than 100,000 units annually for six consecutive years – dating back to 2015 – proving that such a result is certainly not unprecedented.

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  1. Mario Denoto

    Well they need to fix their cars. My 2022 Navigator still has so many issues that it will be my last. From the seats to the tech to the ride just a mess. For over $100,000 I expect better.

  2. Tigger

    Good luck with that.

  3. Jim

    Sorry Lincoln/ Ford, most likely not going to happen. Your staunch holding to your four models, that are all overpriced for their offerings, and having lost the Lincoln reputation for luxury, plus the total non listening to what the public wants and is buying, leaves you to few potential customers.
    Start offering ALL your four models with a HYBRID powertrain that people are willing to buy, that ISN’T plug in, and that DOESN’T include some massive displacement ,over turbocharged engine that gets decent fuel economy, and actually have a premium offering over the same Ford branded SUVs , maybe customers will take a look at you again.
    Ford Motor company has gone totally tone deaf as far as potential customers are concerned, and are on some agenda, that will end in rune for them if they don’t change FAST , as in One Model Year !
    Listen to your potential customers,or suffer the consequences!

  4. HarryE

    LIncoln has turned into Mercury. How sad.


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