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Lincoln MKZ Among Best Five Year Old Used Cars For The Money

The Lincoln MKZ may be long gone – along with every other sedan that once resided in Ford’s North American lineup – but the luxurious model continues to be a favorite on the used market. Pre-owned Lincoln MKZ models have long been lauded for providing plenty of value in that regard, with Consumer Reports declaring it a better buy than the Genesis G80 and one of the most reliable three-year-old vehicles on the used market, to boot. Now, this list of accolades continues to expand, as iSeeCars has ranked the Lincoln MKZ among the best five-year-old used passenger cars for the money, too.

Among the 17 best five-year-old used passenger cars for the money, the Lincoln MKZ ranked 14th with an average sales price of $25,899 and an average remaining lifespan of 108,944 miles – or $2,377 per 10k miles. On average, iSeeCars notes that five-year-old Lincoln MKZ models have around 64.2 percent of that lifespan remaining, too.

To come up with this list, iSeeCars analyzed the prices of more than 1.1 million five- and 10-year-old used vehicles sold between September and December 2023, then compared them to the remaining lifespan of those cars, based on a proprietary model that estimated the probability each vehicle would survive to various mileage thresholds. This data was calculated using odometer readings from over 312 million vehicles.

“With the spike in used vehicle pricing over the past five years, buyers are seeking the best value for their used-car dollars,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “We’ve identified the models with the lowest purchase price and the longest remaining lifespan, providing shoppers with a list of used cars they can purchase and rely on for many years. The average five-year-old passenger car still has more than 136,000 miles of remaining lifespan, and at an average price of just over $24,000, used car shoppers can save money on both purchase price and operating costs like fuel and insurance compared to the more popular SUV category.

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  1. Ronald

    My 2017 mkz only lasted 37000 miles when anti freeze was going into #3 cylinder Ford/Lincoln wouldn’t fix the car so stay away.

  2. LC

    I have a 2016 MKZ 3.0 , I love it, but am so disappointed they stopped making them . Will they be making them again?


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