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Lincoln Owner Satisfaction Ranked Average

Every year, Consumer Reports releases its list of the most and least loved automotive brands, which are based on the results of the organization’s owner surveys. The concept of this report is to figure out how car brands fare in the eyes of consumers in a less scientific manner, though in the case of this study, CR also breaks down satisfaction into specific categories to give us a more comprehensive look. Regardless, Lincoln finished middle of the pack in 2022 with a score of 68 out of a possible 100 points, and followed that up by scoring a bit less – 65 points – in 2023. Now that the latest version of this study has been released, it reveals that the Ford brand suffered a pretty big drop, while Lincoln managed to hold its ground, according to the latest version of this study.

This year, Lincoln ranked 19th out of 29 brands with a score of 65 – an identical result compared to 2023 – meaning that 65 percent of owners would purchase another vehicle from the luxury brand again, if given the option. That ranks The Blue Oval’s more opulent brand behind Rivian, which topped the list with a score of 86, followed by Mini (77), BMW (76), Porsche (76), Tesla (74), Genesis (73), Lexus (73), Subaru (70), Ram (69), Honda (69), Chevrolet (69), Toyota (69), Hyundai (68), Acura (68), Ford (67), GMC (67), Mazda (66), and Volvo (66).

In terms of individual categories, Ford did manage to stand out in terms of driving experience, cabin storage, and usability, which is particularly impressive, however, given the fact that only a few select brands managed to rank highly in any of those categories.

Consumer Reports derived these rankings from its 2023 Annual Auto Surveys, which span over 330,000 vehicles from the 2021-2024 model years. Its owner satisfaction scores are based on the percentage of members/owners that responded “definitely yes” to the question of whether they would buy the same vehicle again, considering factors such as reliability, price, performance, enjoyment, and comfort, with a higher score reflecting a higher level of owner satisfaction in those areas.

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  1. Materialman

    I just don’t understand why Ford doesn’t understand that in order to compete as a premium brand today, they have to be at the top, or near the top of quality and reliability.

  2. Steve

    You got that right ! I own a 22 Aviator reserve (purchased new)
    My one and only complaint is the exterior body fit and finish. I’ve had many Lincolns but have never seen a fit like I have now.

  3. DavidF

    Lincoln is doomed


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