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Mexican Ford Dealers Continue To Embrace Signature Concept

Ford Signature – a new sort of retail look and experience that aims to provide greater transparency in sales and service for customers – debuted back in 2019, replacing traditional deal desks with purchase rooms that have shared screens and monitors with vehicle service prices, video feeds of the service garage, and celebration areas for new vehicle delivery. A few years later – in 2022 – Ford Mexico and China debuted the Signature 1.1 concept, which focuses on transforming the customer experience even further with an innovative space full of warm, cozy, modern, and avant-garde finishes. Now, Mexican Ford dealers continue to embrace this concept as it has expanded yet again.

Since opening its first Signature 1.1 store back in 2022, that list has since expanded to include 10 total Mexican Ford dealers, with the latest being Grupo AutoSSoni in Irapuato – which is the first such distributor in the Bajío region. That showroom is already open and operating for customers to check out in the flesh, too.

The concept of Ford Signature 1.1 is to takes into account cultural, gender, social, physical, and psychological concepts in order to create a more welcoming environment for customers and dealer employees alike, as well as transform those same types of retailers into something of a next-generation dealer model, to boot.

“Ford Signature 1.1 Irapuato allows us to reaffirm our commitment to the regions where we have a presence as a company, and Irapuato could not be the exception. For this reason, we wanted Autos SS Irapuato to become the first boutique with this concept in the Bajío region,” said Luz Elena del Castillo, president and CEO of Ford of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America, and the Caribbean. “This inauguration embodies our attitude of going beyond vehicles, providing a unique space that offers comfort, avant-garde and innovation.”

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