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New Lincoln Inventory At Double National Average In January

New Lincoln inventory has remained at extremely high levels for some time now, a dramatic turn of events compared to near-record lows most automotive brands faced over the past few years amid numerous supply chain challenges. In fact, new Lincoln inventory finished Q3 2023 at levels that were more than double the national average before closing out December at over 90 days’ supply – the eighth most of any brand – which was also more than double the overall average in the U.S. Unfortunately for Ford’s luxury arm, that didn’t change in January 2024, either, according to new data from Cox Automotive.

In the first month of the year, new Lincoln inventory levels once again came in at more than double the national average, a distinction it shares with Chrysler and Dodge. This means that days’ supply was higher than any other brand listed here, with Ram taking the top spot at 153 days’ supply, and the national average coming in a 80 days’ – which is the highest figure since June 2020.

At the beginning of February, the total U.S. supply of available unsold new vehicles stood at 2.61 million units, which is 870,000 units or 50 percent more than a year ago, though inventory was down from 2.66 million at the start of January. Meanwhile, the aforementioned 80 days’ supply mark is 38 percent higher than January 2023, though sales also increased by nine percent.

In an effort to reduce these quickly-rising inventory levels, automakers have begun to reintroduce incentives, which helped average new vehicle pricing decline by one percent, year-over-year. As Ford Authority reported earlier this week, that includes Lincoln, which saw its ATP decline month-over-month by 2.6 versus December, as well as four percent year-over-year.

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