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SDPD Rolls Out Ford Crown Victoria Lowrider: Video

Discontinued years ago, the Ford Crown Victoria still holds a special place in the hearts of many Blue Oval fans, not to mention law enforcement agencies and taxi drivers that have racked up many miles behind the wheel of the big sedan. While there are a few Crown Vics still on duty at various police agencies in the U.S. – and a few hundred at one, in particular – most have long since switched over to more modern offerings like the Police Interceptor Utility, though at least two New York City cab drivers would seemingly rather retire than do such a thing. However, in San Diego, police have found an interesting way to keep one Ford Crown Victoria serving the public – albeit, as a lowrider – according to CBS 8 news.

San Diego Police Department Ford Crown Victoria Lowrider - Exterior 002 - Trunk

This Ford Crown Victoria lowrider is allowed to freely cruise the streets after the state of California made such a thing legal across the state after governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 436 last October, prohibiting lowrider bans and anti-cruising ordinances. As such, the San Diego Police Department figured that this was the perfect time to dust off its wheel hopping Ford Crown Victoria cruiser and use it a nifty way to connect with the local community.

The resulting build – dubbed “The Guardian” – cost $50,000 to put together back in 2013, money that was raised via donations. It’s also maintained by a non-profit called Star Pal, which works to create strong relationships between police and the local community. In fact, this particular lowrider features artwork depicting an officer and some children, along with a mural of the lowrider owned by Star Pal’s Director of Community Impact, Mayra Nunez.

“So, this is what it’s like to be cruising right? You get into that vibe. I think this vehicle symbolizes unity,” said SDPD Officer Omar. “I’ve heard to comment that when I see a police car it causes fear, this is a police car that does not cause fear it creates this attraction, right?”

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