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Toyota Tundra Is 2024 Ford F-150 Quality Benchmark: Farley

The 2024 Ford F-150 debuted last September bearing a number of notable updates, ranging from revised styling inside and out to a trim level revamp, the addition of the new Pro Access Tailgate, and a new standard powerplant – the turbocharged Ford 2.7L V6 EcoBoost, among various other changes. The 2024 Ford F-150 has already entered production and will soon begin populating our roads, and as Blue Oval CEO Jim Farley revealed while speaking at the recent 2024 Wolfe Conference, the refreshed pickup has a high bar in terms of quality expectations, too.

“And so to me, that’s the one I watch the most,” Farley said. “I’m calling Kumar twice a day. How’s – what’s going – right now, we’re in the middle of the F-150 launch. It’s a major upgrade, the F-150, including the interior, far superior to any of our competitors. They’re still literally a generation behind on the inside of the vehicle and we are already in the best revenue. Now, we’re about to step on the gas. But that product has to launch with very little launch spike and we have to get close to Tundra. 55 problems per 1,000, three months in service. We’ve never done it. That’s the kind of challenge it is to get to. But the top quartile is a different deal. So I would say that that’s the one we’re focusing on and landing the material cost reductions.”

Given the fact that Farley used to work for Toyota, it isn’t terribly surprising that he’s using that automaker as a benchmark for quality – particularly since it has a stellar reputation for building extremely reliable vehicles. However, hitting this particular target seemingly won’t be easy for Ford to do, given its recent quality woes that once again landed it the title of most recalled automotive manufacturer in 2023.

Regardless, after blaming COVID and various other factors for this decline in quality, Farley has also made it a point of emphasis moving forward, setting “best-in-class” targets for the company’s entire lineup, though that process could take years to complete. The CEO also noted that he regrets not taking this action sooner, as those quality issues haven’t just impacted customers – they’ve also had a tremendous impact on the automaker’s bottom line, too.

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  1. Abraham5G

    Tundra is not a good benchmark for quality. Gen 3 Tundra is full of quality issues.

  2. Gary.virginia

    Maybe Mr. Farley needs to be a leader and not follower. Since the 1990s toyota has been chasing the f150. Like every other manufacturer.


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