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Veteran Tech Shares Top Ford V8 Coyote Leak Points: Video

Of the many helpful and informative videos created by Ford technician Brian Makuloco and posted to his YouTube channel FordTechMakuloco, many of them center around the EcoBoost line of engines. Those include discussing why these turbocharged powerplants require frequent oil changes, listing 2.0L EcoBoost coolant issues, reviewing rattles and leaks stemming from a relatively low-mile Ford F-150, and his thoughts on why EcoBoost engines shouldn’t be aggressively tuned. Now, Makuloco is back with yet another interesting and highly informative video – this time, outlining the most common leak points on the Ford V8 Coyote engine.

Top 5.0L Ford V8 Coyote Leak Points

While most consider the 5.0L V8 Coyote powerplant to be a mostly reliable one, it does tend to leak from a handful of places – interestingly, most of them via o-rings inside of quick connectors that wind up wearing out over time. Makuloco starts out with the most common Ford V8 Coyote leak source that he’s seen over the many vehicles he has worked over the years, and continues down the line to the ones that aren’t quite as frequent, and shows us precisely what needs to be done to rectify each.

First up, we have the upper radiator hose, which is the most common source of leaks, according to our resident tech. Those leaks come from a o-ring located inside of the spring lock that holds the hose in place, though luckily, fixing it only requires replacing the o-ring itself – not the entire hose.

The same is mostly true of the rest of these common Ford V8 Coyote leak points – which include the T-connector that goes from the upper radiator hose to the thermostat housing, the hose that runs from the coolant bottle to the inlet for the water pump, the water pump itself, and – in rarer cases – the engine’s heater hoses. Luckily, with the exception of the water pump, fixing these leaks isn’t terribly difficult or too expensive, though they’re still rather annoying, regardless.

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