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Veteran Tech Sorts Out Troublesome 1966 Ford Mustang: Video

David Long – owner of Omega Auto Clinic in Kansas and purveyor of the YouTube channel Car Wizard – has covered quite a few Blue Oval models and related tech in recent history, a list that includes a 210k-mile 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, a 1992 Ford Thunderbird, a 1995 Ford F-150, and the Panther platform, to name just a few. Recently, a customer brought their troublesome 1966 Ford Mustang into the shop for Long to take a look at as well, which gave him a perfect opportunity to discuss its merits and woes, too.

1966 Ford Mustang Troubleshooting - Engine Bay 001

This particular 1966 Ford Mustang is not completely original, nor is it a showpiece, but it is certainly a nice driver with timeless style. However, the owner is having three specific issues with his vintage pony car that left them perplexed, which is what prompted them to simply let Long sort it out. Those issues include the occasional refusal to start, non-working temperature and oil pressure gauges, and an electric fuel pump that won’t stop running.

Right off the bat, the starting problem proved pretty easy to diagnose, as it was being caused by a bad rewire job between the ignition switch and starter solenoid that resulted in a sporadic flow of power. Replacing those tiny wires with some larger, beefier ones fixed the issue right away, and it didn’t cost much to do, either.

As for the non-working gauges, a little diagnostic work revealed some bad sensors, which is interesting given that it’s actually two different units that went bad at the same time. Regardless, this wasn’t a terribly expensive or time-consuming fix either, which is great news for the owner of this 1966 Ford Mustang, who can now head out and continue to enjoy it – just like The Blue Oval intended.

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  1. Curt

    What about the fuel pump?

  2. Dane Waters

    208k on a Mustang? I had over 243 000 miles on my 1972 Gran Torino Sport (351CJ with factory ram air) and, other than routine maintenance, never needed any drivetrain repairs. Loved that car. As soon as it was broken in and the lousy Firestone 500 tires were replaced with Michelins was clocked at 143MPH. Wish I knew where it was. I’d like to fully restore it.


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