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Wrecked 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Salvage Plot Thickens: Video

As Ford Authority reported last month, YouTuber John Ross of the WatchJRGo channel recently purchased what seemed to be a veritable gold mine of sorts – a wrecked 2017 Ford Fusion Energi, which he paid $900 for, yet still contains a host of valuable parts that seemed destined to make him a hefty profit. However, he immediately noted that there were also some valuable parts missing – such as the hybrid battery, a wheel, and the bumpers. Regardless, the possibility of a big profit still loomed large – and it seemed as if this Ford Fusion Energi might also still be in running condition – at least until Ross dug a little deeper into his prized score.

Wrecked 2017 Ford Fusion Energi - Engine Bay 001

In his latest video, Ross provides us with an update on his wrecked Ford Fusion Energi, which he has since decided to tear completely apart in his quest for hidden treasure. This is because he has already lined up some buyers for select parts, though during that process, he also discovered that the electrified sedan suffered more damage in its accident than he previously thought.

Turns out, there are quite a few damaged parts under the hood that can’t be sold, which will undoubtedly eat into his potential profit. In fact, the more Ross disassembles, the more damaged goods he discovers, but it isn’t long before he comes across the most disappointing news of all – it seems as if the car’s engine can’t be salvaged, either.

There is quite a bit of carnage lying underneath, ranging from a broken ECU to damaged coolant lines to a busted transmission, it seems. As such, a lot of this stuff will wind up being sold for scrap – returning pennies on the dollar rather than hundreds or even thousands. Ross still seems likely to turn a profit, but factoring in the labor that he’s put into the Fusion so far, it might just wind up being declared a loss, ultimately.

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