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1973 Ford Falcon ‘Tim Allen Interceptor’ Is For Sale

Fans of the smash hit cult film Mad Max are often also fans of the many cool, post-apocalyptic vehicles that starred in the film. In fact, one in particular – the Ford Falcon featured in the movie – has become so incredibly popular that it isn’t uncommon to see replica versions of it to this very day, decades after the movie originally hit the big screen, as well as the updated version featured in the 2015 follow-up, Max Max: Fury Road. There’s also a company called Mad Max Cars that builds and sells replicas of this famous 1973 Ford Falcon, but this one – currently up for grabs via Facebook Marketplace – might be the most famous of all.

1973 Ford Falcon 'Tim Allen Interceptor' - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

This 1973 Ford Falcon is better known as the “Last V8 to L.A.” or the “Tim Allen Interceptor” the latter moniker stemming from a bit of a mystery. Turns out, this particular Mad Max replica is signed by the actor/comedian and his mechanic, though it’s unclear if either of those individuals actually owned the car or what their connection to it might be, otherwise.

1973 Ford Falcon 'Tim Allen Interceptor' - Interior 001

This Ford Falcon wasn’t built by Mad Max Cars either, but rather, a company called Grant & Gordon out of Australia, though MMC did wind up making some further modifications to it after it reached U.S. soil. The seller has done some additional maintenance to this cool machine since acquiring it, ranging from adding new tires to an electronic fuel injection setup.

1973 Ford Falcon 'Tim Allen Interceptor' - Engine Bay 001

It’s unclear if Tim Allen ever actually owned this Falcon, but it wouldn’t come as a surprise given the fact that he is a big car fan who has had quite a few cool rides in his garage over the years – including an RS200 and a Ford GT – though this one’s asking price of $175,000 might prove a little too steep even for the most dedicate Mad Max and/or Tim Allen fan.

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