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2023 Ford Bronco Gets $1,000 Rebate In Select Markets

The sixth-generation Ford Bronco debuted to much fanfare and tremendous demand, but unfortunately, it also launched in a time when supply chain issues were wreaking havoc on the automotive industry as a whole. Since then, things have improved significantly, however, and Ford Bronco production has ramped up to the point where one can actually find units sitting on dealer lots. Thus, Ford has launched a handful of incentives for the Bronco as of late, made it eligible for X-Plan pricing, and even added a new dealer stair step program to spur sales. Now, the 2023 Ford Bronco is getting a $1,000 rebate in select markets as well, according to a new dealer bulletin from CarsDirect.

Ford Bronco Wildtrak Argentina - Exterior 003 - Front Three Quarters

This new bonus cash offer – good for $1,000 off 2023 Ford Bronco models – is only available in select parts of the U.S., however, a list that includes Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis, Chicago, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Orlando, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Washington, New York, and Atlanta – plus a few more, potentially.

According to the bulletin, this new bonus cash offer – which launched on March 8th and is slated to run through April 2nd – applies to most every 2023 Ford Bronco trim level, including the Heritage. However, it’s only available on 2023 model year Broncos – not newer 2024 models – which makes sense given the fact that there’s still reportedly a large number of those vehicles on dealer lots, meaning that FoMoCo is working to make room for 2024 Broncos.

Regardless, this is a potentially good deal for those that don’t mind the small number of changes present on the 2024 Bronco. As Ford Authority previously reported, that included the discontinuation of the Base trim, meaning that it’s more expensive to get behind the wheel of the rugged SUV – at least for those seeking the lowest-cost version. Additionally, the 2024 Ford Bronco is gaining the 12-inch infotainment system as standard equipment, to boot.

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