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2024 Ford Mustang GT Gets Hidden Discount For Manuals

Deliveries of the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang began last August, and at first, the redesigned S650-generation pony car was met with high demand. In fact, as of mid-October, dealer inventory of the 2024 Mustang was turning in a mere six days – a blistering pace, indeed. Now, with inventory catching up to that initial demand, we’re beginning to see some incentives pop up – including lease deals, low-interest financing, and no payments for 90 days in select markets that were added this month, though a slight price increase for the GT and Dark Horse back in January somewhat mitigates those offers. Regardless, those that want a manual gearbox in a GT, specifically, can now take advantage of a hidden discount, according to CarsDirect.

2024 Ford Mustang GT Brazil - Exterior 001 - Front and Rear Three Quarters

This particular discount – known as “24 Mustang GT Bonus Cash” – is good for $1,000 off 2024 Ford Mustang models equipped with the six-speed manual gearbox. It isn’t being advertised, though FoMoCo did inform dealers of its existence via a memo, with the deal taking effect back on February 20th and valid through April 2nd – so there’s still some time to take advantage of it.

This incentive is available to both lessees and those wanting to purchase a 2024 Ford Mustang GT, but there are some caveats, as is usually the case. According to the dealer bulletin, to be eligible, a “vehicle must be ordered before April 19th, 2023,” meaning that it likely won’t be easy to find a car that qualifies. According to CarsDirect, there are around 7,300 2024 Ford Mustang GT models currently listed for sale by dealers online, and only 21 percent of them are equipped with the manual transmission.

2024 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Europe - Exterior 001 -Rear Three Quarters

Regardless, for those that really want a new GT with a manual, this new incentive might just be worth finding a car that qualifies, as it’s one of very few deals available for the pony car, in general, at the moment.

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