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2024 Lincoln Nautilus 48-Inch Display Explained: Video

The redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus made its debut nearly one year ago, and as Ford Authority reported last week, the luxurious crossover has officially arrived at dealers across the U.S. The all-new 2024 Lincoln Nautilus bears a number of notable updates and cool new features, but perhaps the most interesting of the bunch lies inside the cabin – the luxurious crossover’s massive coast-to-coast display screen that spans the entire width of the dash, or 48 inches in total. Recently, Alex Dykes of the YouTube channel Auto Buyers Guide/Alex on Autos was able to spend some time in the new Nautilus, and explained how this giant new display works.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus Lincoln Digital Experience 48-Inch Display

Running the new Lincoln Digital Experience software, this rather large display actually consists of two 24-inch screens mated into one cohesive unit. There are various widgets displayed across the display, which fade nicely into each other and are configurable on the right-hand side with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Regardless, one can still control a wide variety of features via the separate center screen, too.

That screen can stream video and even browse the web, along with controlling various functions and playing games or showing off the latest news. One can customize the large screen via this smaller unit with a few taps and swipes, or they can even be removed or used to display a nice photo or even a dark screen if one finds it to be too busy and distracting.

This is precisely why the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus has a flat steering wheel – it enables users to see over it and view the digital instrument cluster of sorts, rather than having it blocked by looking through the center. It’s also designed to place the navigation in a place where it’s easier to see – which is certainly welcome news for some. Certain features will undoubtedly prove to be controversial – like the air vents that are controlled via the center screen – but overall, it’s a pretty ingenious setup that seems destined to be used in other future Lincoln models, too.

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