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2024 Wagoneer Unmarked Debuts As Ford Expedition SSV Rival

FoMoCo has dominated the police vehicle market for many years to this point, successfully navigating the discontinuation of the Crown Victoria and adding the F-150 Police Responder and Police Interceptor Utility to its lineup along the way. However, the Ford Expedition SSV (Special Service Vehicle) has been around for a while as well, offering law enforcement a large and stealthy utility vehicle that can be had in unmarked form for undercover operations, to boot. Now, the Expedition SSV has another rival to contend with – the 2024 Wagoneer Unmarked Investigation SUV, as it’s formally known.

2024 Wagoneer Unmarked Investigation SUV - Interior 001

The 2024 Wagoneer Unmarked Investigation SUV is another large, stealthy model geared toward law enforcement with an array of upfit options that include emergency lighting, a siren and speaker system, tinted windows, a wiring harness and power distribution center, and over 130 standard safety and security features.

The Wagoneer Unmarked Investigation SUV is equipped with the twin-turbocharged 3.0L I-6 Hurricane engine producing 420 horsepower and 468 pound-feet of torque, which flows to either the rear or all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. The big SUV is also fitted with a maintenance-free battery and 240-amp alternator to support the slew of additional electronics police vehicles tend to use, too.

2024 Wagoneer Unmarked Investigation SUV - Interior 002

On the outside, one would be hard pressed to tell that this is a police vehicle, however, thanks to its normal appearance and lack of markings. The Wagoneer Unmarked Investigation SUV rolls on a set of 18-inch painted wheels as standard, or buyers can opt for 20-inch cast aluminum units, but otherwise, it looks essentially just like a civilian Wagoneer.

Sales Numbers - Mainstream Full-Size SUVs - Q4 2023 - USA

MODEL Q4 23 / Q4 22 Q4 23 Q4 22 Q4 23 SHARE Q4 22 SHARE YTD 23 / YTD 22 YTD 23 YTD 22
CHEVROLET TAHOE -15.71% 26,235 31,123 29% 30% +4.32% 110,328 105,756
FORD EXPEDITION -16.82% 16,969 20,400 19% 20% +18.37% 73,396 62,007
CHEVROLET SUBURBAN -36.78% 10,144 16,045 11% 15% +3.67% 52,820 50,951
GMC YUKON -18.83% 10,793 13,296 12% 13% -5.64% 45,498 48,220
GMC YUKON XL -12.00% 8,328 9,464 9% 9% +7.89% 36,773 34,084
JEEP WAGONEER +39.09% 8,266 5,943 9% 6% -19.52% 29,149 36,219
TOYOTA SEQUOIA +33.00% 6,392 4,806 7% 5% +317.43% 22,182 5,314
NISSAN ARMADA +5.22% 3,466 3,294 4% 3% +77.68% 21,185 11,923
TOTAL -13.20% 90,593 104,371 +10.40% 391,331 354,474

If nothing else, this new law enforcement focused Wagoneer aims to help it better compete with the Expedition, which outsold it by a large margin in Q4 2023. In fact, Ford sold more than twice as many Expeditions as Jeep did Wagoneers to close out the year, enjoying a tremendous lead in terms of market share, to boot.

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