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2025 Dodge Charger Will More Directly Rival Ford Mustang

While Ford remains committed to the V8 engine as long as it possibly can be, many of its rivals have already either ditched that particular configuration or are in the midst of doing so. That includes Stellantis, which recently revealed the refreshed 2025 Ram 1500 – which has completely ditched V8 engines in favor of three six-cylinder options – moves that also apply to the Ram TRX successor, the RHO, and the just-revealed next-generation Dodge Charger as well. However, while the 2024 model year will mark the debut of EV variants of that latter model, the 2025 Dodge Charger will give fans more of a direct Ford Mustang rival.

That’s because while Stellantis is busy touting the fact that it will soon sell the “world’s only all-electric muscle car,” it did wind up bowing to its fans and will continue to offer that same model with a traditional ICE engine starting in the 2025 model year. However, it won’t be a V8, but instead, two different versions of the 3.0L I-6 Hurricane in the Charger Sixpack models – a standard-output (S.O) version churning out 420 horsepower, as well as a high-output (H.O.) variant making 550 horsepower, both mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

These ICE-powered 2025 Dodge Charger Sixpack models will provide the Ford Mustang GT with a more proper rival, at the very least, as The Blue Oval has no plans to offer an EV variant of its pony car anytime soon, though a hybrid remains a possibility, at least. Regardless, it is worth noting that as Stellantis invests heavily in its fairly new twin-turbocharged 3.0L Hurricane I-6, Ford actually canceled plans to make an inline-six-cylinder version of its EcoBoost powerplant some time ago, as Ford Authority exclusively reported last November.

This certainly won’t end the debate between traditional V8 fans and those that don’t mind the idea of a six-cylinder-powered muscle car, particularly given the fact that for now, at least, the H.O. Charger will offer buyers more in the way of power than even the range-topping Mustang Dark Horse. With the Charger likely to weigh far more than the Mustang, it’ll be interesting to see how the two match up in terms of performance, which we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out, as the ICE Charger isn’t slated to enter production until Q1 of 2025.

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  1. Julian Digby Bottin

    It does not have a RWD

    It does not have a manual transmission

    It does not have a V8.

    It does not offer RWD.

    It can’t compete

    I could live without the V8, but can’t live without optional manual transmission and RWD.

  2. Matt


  3. Ford Owner

    Gas engine cars are 100 years obsolete! The new millenia belongs to the electric car.

    1. Richard Jones

      There isn’t enough charging station to support a influx of EVs, they may look good on paper, but trying to find a charging station would be the negative side of EVs.

    2. truth speaker

      man they are force feeding you the kool aid

    3. Mrx19

      Maybe for twenty years, but the long term future is some sort of synthetic fuel combustion. To convert to all electric you would have to strip mine the planet bare to procure enough battery materials.


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