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2025 Ford Expedition Interior Spotted For First Time: Photos

Over the past year or so, Ford Authority has spotted multiple 2025 Ford Expedition prototypes out testing, previewing a handful of changes in store for the soon-to-be-refreshed SUV. Those updates include a possible 24-inch wheel option, redesigned taillights, and some Range Rover-like styling aesthetics, coupled with a Timberline sighting and some interior revisions, though the latter details have thus far been difficult to discern. Now, Ford Authority has spotted the 2025 Ford Expedition interior for the very first time, shedding some light on several changes that are set to take place inside the cabin of the large SUV.

With some heavy camo pulled back, we get a good look at the redesigned dashboard in this 2025 Ford Expedition prototype, which features new vents and a curved design – notably, however, it looks like the dual globe box setup is no more, as the top portion doesn’t seem to be present.

Those new vents are also flanked by what appears to be a screen that’s similar to the current 12-inch unit, or it could be the same 13.2-inch touchscreen present in the refreshed 2025 Ford Explorer – a possibility given the fact that it’s running the new Ford Digital Experience infotainment software present in the revised Explorer, as we can see from the vertical row of “buttons” on the left side of the screen. In some rather big news, it also seems as if the dash holds a coast-to-coast screen setup like the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus, as the traditional driver instrument cluster setup is gone, and the steering wheel design is likely new as well, since it’s covered up.

Interestingly, we can also see that the physical buttons present in the current Expedition used to operate climate control functions have moved to the screen – at least models that aren’t equipped with the optional 15.5-inch screen, which already don’t come with them – though it’s possible that this large screen won’t be offered in the refreshed 2025 Ford Expedition at all. Regardless, beneath the screen, we can see the typical rotary dial, which has moved from the center console, and it’s flanked by a row of buttons that are identical to ones in the 2025 Explorer, though these are more flat. Overall, this setup is similar to the refreshed Explorer in many ways, though we can’t see the presence of the drive control dial in these photos, so it may still be located in the center console.

As for the outside, this 2025 Ford Expedition prototype is covered in the same sort of camo we’ve seen on prior models, but it does seem as if its “hips” are a bit curvier, potentially signaling some additional changes in the rear. Otherwise, we expect the same sort of front and rear fascia revisions that are typically part of mid-cycle refreshes, and no other major changes in terms of exterior styling.

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    When is the ford ranchero to begin production ?

  2. J. Titus-A Ford Enthusiast

    The single item to regain my solo interest in the following future of expedition: Revert back to having the ignition item be a physical metal male tool! That solo item would stop most THUGS from stealing! Along w/push button key fob starter/fuel kill!

  3. Tyler

    Gross I despise the tacked on screen look


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