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Farley Reacts To Dad’s Post About Son’s Ford Mustang Story

Many of us know someone who has been impacted by cancer – and some of us have suffered from it ourselves – but it’s still rather disheartening to hear stories of younger folks, in particular, that are battling this terrible disease. However, in the automotive enthusiast world, folks are usually pretty quick to jump in and help make this awful experience a bit more manageable for those suffering from it, as we’ve seen time and time again. That was also the case recently when Joe Tegerdine purchased a 2020 Ford Mustang for his son, who is currently battling a particularly devastating bout with cancer.

“For those wondering why I’d buy my 18-year-old son a 330 horsepower Mustang, well, he’s been given months to live and can’t work long enough to buy one himself. His comment on the way home, ‘Dad, I’m going to squeeze a few extra months of life just to be able to drive this,” Tegerdine wrote in a recent post to X.

As the younger Tegerdine explained to the Detroit Free Press in a corresponding interview, he’s always been a Ford Mustang fan, and has been saving up his money to buy one for some time. However, after battling osteosarcoma – a form of cancer – since the age of seven, doctors recently found more tumors in his lungs, meaning that he doesn’t seemingly have much longer to live. As one might imagine, Tegerdine’s post on X wound up attracting considerable attention as a result – including, it seems, a response from Ford CEO Jim Farley himself.

“Hi Joe, I’m so sorry to hear what your family is going through,” Farley said. “Please let me know if you and your son would like to attend the Ford Performance Racing School to experience a Ford Mustang Dark Horse on the track. DM me and we’ll make it happen.” The elder Tegerdine has already taken Farley up on that offer, meaning that his son will hopefully get to experience something he might have previously only dreamed about in the coming days or weeks.

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    Jim Farley has a soul for cars and the people that love them. Great Job Mr Farley and Ford. That’s why I am a Ford guy


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