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Ferrari F250 Hypercar Prototype Spotted Testing: Photos

Though Ford isn’t exactly a company that’s known for dabbling much in the hypercar business, The Blue Oval has churned out some seriously impressive supercars over the years, with the most recent being the Ford GT. The last-gen GT was so popular, in fact, that its production run was extended more than one time, with the non-road-legal 2023 GT Mk IV representing the final variant, which pays homage to its predecessor’s epic victories over Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Since then, Ford GT prices have skyrocketed to new heights – and the automaker debuted a new supercar in the form of the bonkers, race-inspired Ford Mustang GTD. However, it certainly isn’t alone, as our sister site Motrolix recently spotted a prototype of the brand new Ferrari F250 hypercar out testing, too.


This Ferrari F250 prototype was spotted testing in Maranello, Italy recently, and is presumably precisely what the Italian-based brand was referring to as its next new supercar that’s set to launch by 2026. What’s particularly interesting about the F250, however, is that it seemingly won’t just be “another” Ferrari – rather, it’s only expected to compensate for around five percent of the company’s sales, meaning that it’ll likely be something truly special, in the vein of a halo car of sorts.


As one would imagine, this Ferrari F250 prototype is clad in heavy camo, but sports the distinct shape that brand is known for, which also signals that it’s likely utilizing a mid-engine format. Other than its familiar short front overhand, curvy cabin, and blocky rear end, this prototype also seems to feature a center-exit exhaust, along with black multi-spoke wheels and red brake calipers with Ferrari script.


Likely to be offered in coupe and convertible configurations, it’s unclear what kind of powertrain the Ferrari F250 might utilize, but rumors suggest that it could forgo traditional V8 and V12 powerplants for a V6 with forced induction and some sort of hybrid assist. It’ll also reportedly utilize lightweight materials in its construction – along with some F1-derived tech – when the F250 debuts, which is likely to happen later this year for the 2025 model year – albeit with a price tag that could come in at around $2 million.

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  1. Dave Mathers

    The yellow V on the hood in the top photo sort of resembles a Corvette hood decal. A little misdirect perhaps?


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