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Ford Backed Group Says Some 2035 ICE Bans May Be Untenable

With pricing proving to be a major issue that has ultimately led to declining demand in all-electric vehicles, Ford recently decided to scale back $12 billion in planned EV investments, all while shifting its strategy to focus on cheaper models while potentially postponing others. At the same time, Ford has also long supported proposed ICE vehicle bans in both the U.S. and Europe, even as others have not. In the U.S., a total of 12 states have called on President Joe Biden to enact some sort of ICE ban that would take effect by 2035, with some – including New Jersey and New York – already enacting such legislature, which originated in California but would allow for the continued sale of plug-in hybrids. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently held a meeting in January mulling this same topic, but now, a Ford-backed lobby group is saying that such terms may be untenable, according to Reuters.

That group is the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, which represents most major automakers – including Ford – and pointed out amid falling demand for EVs, current legislation in California and the aforementioned 11 other states may not work as planned. The lobby group raised its concerns directly to the EPA, and has long sought to overturn ICE bans such as this one.

The lobby group noted in its comments that while this proposed ICE ban may work “at least in the early years for California,” its future outlook “is far less certain,” particularly in states where EV sales aren’t quite as prevalent as the Golden State. It’s unclear “whether customers in each jurisdiction will accept (zero-emission vehicle) technologies and purchase them in sufficient quantities. These are largely beyond the control of automakers,” AAI added.

AAI also noted that to meet this goal by 2035, every one of those states, except California, would need to double its current electrified vehicle sales by that date, and even triple them in some cases. Regardless, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) remained steady in its response. “States that have adopted California’s program understand that clean cars improve public health and address a global challenge,” the agency noted.

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  1. Hey

    Repeat after me… Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. Harrie

      I live in California and I wholeheartedly agree with you!!!

  2. wright

    Screw California and it’s CARB.

  3. hottoddy

    first line of the article “pricing is the major issue”. They totally ignore the range anxiety, increased insurance cost, and a laundry list of other dislikes, not to mention the 5 figure shortfall in profit margin in every EV that Ford produces.

  4. Jason

    I live in a state near the Canadian border with long winters and multi-hour drives to get anywhere. I just can’t see myself getting an EV anytime soon. Perhaps a plug-in hybrid would work around here, but I wouldn’t trust a BEV as far as I could throw it!


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