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Ford BlueOval SK Battery Park Gets Second Bomb Threat

Though bomb (and other types of) threats aren’t quite as prevalent as they used to be, Ford has faced its fair share of calls threatening violence upon more than one of its facilities in recent months. Last August, the Kansas City Assembly plant was evacuated after a man claiming to be an employee there called FoMoCo’s safety and risk management team to say he was disgruntled, barricaded in a bathroom at the facility, and armed with explosives, a rifle, and a handgun. Ford evacuated the 2,500 workers that were on duty at the plant at that time, but later discovered that the man didn’t work there, but rather, just wanted his friend that did to get the day off. Then, roughly a week ago, the under-construction Ford BlueOval SK Battery Park received a bomb threat – which has been followed by a second one, according to WLKY.

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College (ECTC) Ford BlueOval SK Training Center Groundbreaking

The first bomb threat at the Ford BlueOval SK Battery Park site came about after a worker found a note written on a portable toilet inspection sheet that indicated there was a bomb on the premises, or more specifically, in the plant itself. The note stated that the bomb was set to go off at 1pm that same day, though that didn’t happen. The site was promptly evacuated and law enforcement headed that way with bomb sniffing dogs and the LMPD bomb squad to investigate. All of the workers on the site were able to get away with no injuries.

Now, mere days later, a second bomb threat has made at that same facility, this time, in precisely the same manner as the first – via a note left in a port-a-potty. The note was discovered Thursday morning, after which the building was once again evacuated while a search was conducted.

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Police did wind up finding a bag with wires coming out of it, which was attached to electronic equipment, but an expert later determined that it was not any sort of explosive device – rather, the wiring merely belonged to some Christmas lights.

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