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Ford Bronco Sport Tragically Destroyed By Tree Branch: Video

It essentially goes without saying that countless vehicles get destroyed on a daily basis, many of which meet their demise via the crusher, an unfortunate accident on the roadways, or just plain old stupidity on behalf of the driver/owner. Though it isn’t exactly an old product after having originally launched for the 2021 model year, this is also true of the Ford Bronco Sport. In fact, we’ve already seen one example of the rugged crossover get demolished by a Toyota Tundra driver that wasn’t paying attention recently. Now, however, this poor Ford Bronco Sport has Mother Nature to thank for its premature demise.

Ford Bronco Sport Crushed By Tree - Exterior 001 - Front

This particular incident occurred in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania earlier this month, at which time some bad storms were rolling through. The wind was bad enough that it snapped a rather large tree in half, at which point it fell directly on top of the poor Ford Bronco Sport, crushing it in a split second. The owner was reportedly watching the Oscars when the whole thing went down, and they apparently hadn’t owned the crossover for very long, either.

This is obviously a heart-breaking incident, but the good news is, production of the Ford Bronco Sport continues to ramp up, meaning that the owner of this one at least may not have too hard of a time finding a suitable replacement, as this one is likely beyond repair.

Meanwhile, the Bronco Sport also continues to prove a popular choice among critics and consumers alike. The small crossover recently ranked as one of the most satisfying subcompact/compact crossovers on the market by Consumer Reports, and in that same segment, the Bronco Sport also enjoyed a robust 59 percent sales increase in Q4 of 2023, too.

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