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Ford Dealers, Ford Fund Reveal New Tech Training Investment

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a growing need for automotive technicians in general, as well as those that are trained specifically to work on electrified vehicles – which require a different sort of expertise compared to traditional ICE models. As such, The Blue Oval’s charitable arm – Ford Fund – has rolled out a number of partnerships and scholarship programs aimed at boosting the number of techs out there, as well as dedicated EV training schools. Now, Ford Fund is teaming up with a number of FoMoCo dealers and a non-profit to launch a new effort to keep this trend going.

2024 Ford Auto Tech Scholarship

This new program is officially called the Ford Auto Tech Scholarship, and it aims to earmark $2 million toward another round of automotive tech scholarships across 20 states and 292 schools. Ford Fund notes that this will help 400 existing and future students complete their automotive technician training, which is notable given the fact that it’s estimated that 400,000 techs will be needed by 2027 to satisfy projected demand. The Ford Auto Tech Scholarship is open to anyone pursuing automotive technology degrees or certificates, and can be used for all attendance costs including tuition, tools, living expenses, and transportation.

To be eligible for the 2024 Ford Auto Tech Scholarship, students must be pursuing a degree in one of 10 select regions – the Greater Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Phoenix, Kansas City, Memphis, Miami, Seattle, and Cincinnati areas. The application process is open now through August 31st, 2024, and those interested in applying can do so by visiting the official TechForce Foundation website, which is a national non-profit organization aimed at increasing the number of techs in the U.S. over the coming years.

2024 Ford Auto Tech Scholarship

“As vehicles become more advanced, we need highly skilled technicians to maintain and service them,” said Elena Ford, Chief Dealer Engagement Officer at Ford. “Partnering with our dealers to invest in these students helps create job opportunities, shapes the future of our communities, and drives growth in our industry.”

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