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Ford Edge Production Drastically Increased In February 2024

Over the last few months of 2023, Ford Edge production at the Oakville Assembly plant experienced some ups and downs, reaching a high of 15,364 units in October before holding steady in November and falling significantly in December, all the way down to 7,974 units. However, as production of the Ford Edge nears the end of the proverbial line – quite literally, as the crossover is slated to be discontinued soon – that number did increase in January and February, according to FoMoCo’s latest sales report.

In January, Ford Edge production at the Oakville plant came in at 9,452 units, which was 18.5 percent or 1,478 units more than December. However, things really took off in February, as Ford built a total of 15,167 units, which is a month-over-month increase of 5,715 or a little over 60 percent and one of its best results in some time.

As Ford Authority previously reported, 2024 Ford Edge production is now scheduled to end on April 26th, and there is currently no downtime planned for the plant between now and that date. This is notable because Edge production has seen multiple pauses over the past few months, including the first two weeks of January, when plant workers were on layoff to kick off the year.

As Ford Authority previously reported, the Oakville plant is set to be retooled for production of the forthcoming Ford Explorer EV and Lincoln Aviator EV, which are expected to be the only two models produced there moving forward. In the meantime, the all-new Edge L  debuted in China last year, while the redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus is now being built at the Changan Ford Hangzhou Assembly plant in that same country. Production of the outgoing Nautilus ended at Oakville in December, leaving the Edge as its sole product for now.

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  1. John R

    There may be a run on the Edge as currant owners look to replace older units .

    I would like to hear from an Oakville worker on their feelings about the plant going totally EV. It has to concerning.

  2. Tom

    Ford should abandon the Edge EV, and make a hybrid Edge for the next model before it’s too late.

  3. iceman

    As the owner of a 21 Edge ST I cannot figure why they want to stop production. Outstanding styling, 335 HP V6, Consumer Reports says best “SUV for the money.” Can you say “If it’s not broke fix it anyway?” Geez low 13’s in the 1320, WTF?

  4. Fred

    We owe a 2018 Edge Titanium. Best auto We ever owned. I agree with a hybrid Edge. Seems like Ford wants to cut it’s nose off to spite it’s face!


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