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Ford Escape Driver Wrecks Car While Road Raging: Video

Road rage incidents have become increasingly common in recent years, with stressed-out drivers making terrible decisions and letting their anger get the best of them, oftentimes with disastrous results. In recent years, we’ve seen these types of incidents involve more than a few Blue Oval models, including a Ford F-150 driver that clipped a motorcycle on the highway and tried to run, a Ford Edge driver playing chicken with an 18-wheeler, another F-150 driver fighting with a Chrysler 200, and even the driver of a Ford Escape flip his crossover on its side after feuding with someone in a BMW. Now, yet another Ford Escape has been involved in a road rage incident that resulted in a wreck, as we can see in this video from WFAA news.

Ford Escape Ram 1500 Road Rage Incident - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

This particular incident took place in Dallas, Texas recently on a Friday afternoon on an overpass between I-35E and I-635. In the clip, it seems as if the driver of the Ford Escape is “brake checking” the driver of the Ram pickup – which is towing an empty trailer – behind them, and then changing lanes rapidly to prevent them from passing. The incident was caught on camera by the vehicle following both of those models, giving us a good look at all of the action.

After the two vehicles come to a complete stop at one point, things get really ugly after the Ram driver does finally managed to make it around the driver’s side of the Ford Escape. At that point, the trailer actually strikes the crossover, ripping off its bumper and making matters far worse.

It’s unclear what caused this road rage incident to happen in the first place, nor what became of either driver. However, as we can see in the video, the driver of the Ram pickup continues to mosey on down the road, while the Escape is forced to lull on the side of the road due to the heavy damage it incurred.

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  1. StarLord

    There is stupid, then there is really stupid.

  2. Mike K

    Both at fault

  3. Upgrade

    Looks like the 2013-16 style, time for an upgrade, anyway.

  4. Tigger

    The Escape driver got what he deserved.


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